Autumn is here yet again.  The beautiful autumn leaves and mild weather make it the best time of the year to go camping. With so many beautiful camping spots in Australia, camping is a great way to get close to nature, bring family and friends together as well as hone your outdoor skills.  Nothing spoils a great camping session like not having the essential items with you. Preparation is key and having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience.

We have put together a list of essential items we think a camper should have to take on their camping trip. The essential lists may be longer for the seasoned camper or campers who prefers a more comfortable stay. However, we shortlisted 10 of the utmost important as without the items below, many of our own camping trips would have ended badly.



First Aid Kit

first aid kit

A well stocked first aid kit for camping is a must as any injuries in remote areas may become serious quickly. An ideal first aid kit for camping contains supplies for wound , bites and burn care, insect repellent and pain management medication.



Extra Pegs

The pegs given as part of your tent is never enough and they go missing easily. Additional pegs will help to further strengthen your tent during unruly weather. Sometimes during installation of tent, hard ground may cause pegs to get bent and becomes unsuitable for use. So it is always helpful to have extra pegs handy.




A claw hammer is ideal for camping. It can be used to install pegs , pull pegs out and general works


Camp Lights

Camp light would be one of the most important tool to take with you when camping. You need light to brighten up an area when it is dark. This is especially when you need to move away from your camp spot and go to the toilet or to simply move around. Camp Lights comes in many forms, such as lantern, torch lights and head lights.


Matches / Lighter

Matches is crucial in fire building when camping outdoors. Fire in return are used to prepare food, keep warm and to keep the bugs and unwanted animals away.




camping shovel


A shovel is useful in clearing a camp site, to manage firepit and digging holes as a toilet to name a few.




Good quality and durable ropes are used to secure tents, tarps and poles. It is also useful for other purpose such as securing a hammock or climbing .



Another important camping tool. A good knife has plenty of use when camping. Knife is applicable as a part of food preparation, tent set up, general works  and repair as well as a self defence tool.


Duct Tape

A duct tape is the most versatile tool to have when camping. This simple tool can transform itself into the most useful and complex item in times of need. From repairing a tear, to securing sides down to temporary sprain wrap, there is nothing a duct tape can’t do




Toilet Paper

camping essentials

The humble roll of toilet paper has been a saving grace for us several times. Not only for the unexpected toilet trip in the middle of no where, toilet paper is also used to manage bleeding and food preparation.


What are your camping essentials ? Drop us a line!

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