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Eat Like a Local Food

10 Irresistibly Delicious Goan Foods Every Foodie Must Try in Their Lifetime

Think you know everything there is to know about Indian food? Think again. Forget everything you know about Indian food when traveling to Goa. Because we can assure you that none of it is applicable here.  Heavily influenced by Portuguese culture, the fascinating hybrid between Indian and Portuguese culture, this amazing mix of ‘way of life’ and cuisine is truly one of its kind. We had a fantastic time exploring Goa recently and cannot wait to share this amazing list if incredible Goan Foods with you.


Located along the shore of Arabian Sea, Goa is famous for its seafood, especially fish. Not just that, since Goa’s populations are predominantly Catholic, consumption of beef and pork is common here (as opposed to other parts of India).  With beautiful beaches, people and nightlife, coupled with amazing food, Goa is a popular holiday spot amongst locals and international tourists. So come and take this delicious journey with us with this irresistibly delicious guide to 10 Best Goan Foods.



Bebinca/BebinkaGoan Food

Source via @zomatoin

Traditional Goan dessert made of flour, sugar, ghee (clarified butter), egg yolk, and coconut milk. Think of bebinca as a layered pudding. It is absolutely delicious and you can get them just about everywhere. Bebinca is mostly eaten on its own (with a cuppa of course!), but you can also find a different variation to the way it is being served. You can get bebinca served with ice cream or chocolate / caramel sauce.




Goan Fish Curry

goan food

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Apart from Fish fry, Goan Fish Curry is a popular Goan dish. Kingfish is often used in fish curry which is normally served with rice. Goan Fish Curry is a staple in any local eatery. You will find the fish curry to be a bit tangy as opposed to the usual creamy curry- which is fresh and tantalizing to the palette.




Ras Omelette

goan food

Source via  @x.eatclicktravelrepeat.x

If there is one street food that spells everything you need to know about Goa,  it’s Ras Omelette.  The ras omelette consists of this amazing chicken or chickpea curry poured over a fluffy, crispy egg omelet. You also get given a serve of Goan bread to go with your plate of egg and gravy.  Most of the times you get Ras Omelette sort of deconstructed, and then you can decide if you want to assemble it together, like a burger.. or take a bite-size chunk of each item and put it in your gob. Either way,  Ras Omelette is hands down the .best. street.food. ever




Pork/Beef Vindaloo

goan food

Source via @manjits.balmain

Do you usually get Vindaloo whenever you have Indian for dinner? Well, the vindaloo here in Goa is better and fierier !  The tangy vinegary yet spicy taste of the vindaloo paste gives this dish such a distinctive personality, once you can associate with the dynamism of Goa. Traditionally, vindaloo is cooked with pork however you can now find other meat used to make this dish




Goan Fish Fry

goan food

Source via @sanadige

Fish fry or Rawa fish from Goa is different than other fish fries you have tasted. Here the fish is coated with semolina and masala spices before being fried to golden perfection. The result? crispy, heavenly fried goodness




Chicken Xacuti

goan food

Source via @shecooksandclicks

Pronounced as ‘sha-kuti’, this dish combines delicious blends of spices together to create an explosive flavor. Chicken Xacuti is such an iconic dish to Goa you can just about find them anywhere, from the street cart all the way to a 5-star dining establishment. It is not surprising though, because they are bloody delicious!




Lobster Balchao

goan food

Source via @GoaFoodWeb

Seafood lovers rejoice! Not only seafood dishes in Goa taste amazeballs, but they are also cheap as! If you decided to feast upon a lobster, don’t go for the boring Tandoori style, go Goan! be vibrant like the Goan nightlife and take your chances on the Lobster Balchao. Lobster cooked in tangy, spicy chili paste. Yes, it is spicy, but it is oh so good!




Fish Thali

goan food

Source via @w_goa

Fish thali is one of those classic Indian dishes that has been Goan-fied. Well, we are definitely not complaining! Fish, accompanied by various Goan style curries offers a truly unique and different twist to the South and North Indian staple. A must try for all food lovers.





goan food

Source via @nglaisui

Originally Indonesian, the dodol influence has made it all the way to Goa! a toffee-like sweet and sticky dessert may not be much to look at, but it is definitely yummy! You can find dodol at the market or bakeries all over Goa





goan food

Source via @acenicks

Cashew or Caju is one of the most popular items being sold in Goa, it is just about everywhere! So, it really is not surprising that one of the more common drinks in Goa being Urrak, which is a seasonal spirit, made out of cashews.  This interesting local brew can be found in most Goa’s watering holes. Just remember, this drink is only available in summer!



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