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10 Signs That a Woman Is Not That Into You

Are you presently having a hard time figuring out if the woman you love, loves you back?  Carefully read these ten signs and you will know if she is not that into you. I mean, yes, nowadays you can just swipe left and that’s that. But what happens when you do swipe right and got to know her and was wondering what’s next ?  No two women are exactly the same and the is no guide to ‘reading her mind’ too isn’t there?


But.. Regardless,  it is still possible to figure out what is going on in their heads every now and then. So you have a problem with a girl whom you are not completely sure is into you, read on.  Some women like to give their signals in an obvious and clear manner. On the other hand, others are so subtle that the average guy won’t even figure out what they are trying to say.  Just so you know, expect this kind of ambiguity well into relationships, marriage and what not.


1. Eye Contact

She doesn’t look at you at all. We are not talking about her looking away because she is shy or while she is blushing. We mean she doesn’t look at you unless you are saying something important or she really has to.

You can effectively test if she is giving you the look of love by trying out this proven method. Find a random lady who is into the man she is with. Carefully observe the way she looks at him, how her mouth twitches to a lovely smile and how her eyes twinkle all the time.

Now, find a girl who is hanging out with a group of female and male colleagues or friends. Compare how she smiles and looks at male friends with how the previous girl looks at the man she loves. If the girl you are into, looks at you the exact same way the girl with her friends looks at other guys, then you can be certain that she doesn’t want to be anything more than your friend.



2. She Makes Excuses

At times, women find it very difficult to say no, for fear of making you feel bad or hurting your feelings. This can work against you or for you.

So instead of saying no, she stalls to avoid having to answer or she quickly makes up an excuse. If this is the case, she is not going to be comfortable with turning down the advances of someone she does not want to hurt.



3. She Looks Distracted or Bored

So she finally agrees to go on a date with you. She must be into you, right? Wrong. First dates are usually full of potential, but they can turn sour pretty quick. If she has her arms crossed, fiddles with her napkin or looks bored, then there is a possibility that this is a pity date.

A pity date is basically a date girls or guys go on because they sense that someone really likes them, even if they do not like them back or feel the same way.



4. Always a Group Date

Apart from the pity date, another date accepted by women who are not really into you is the group dates. She brings her friends along to lighten the atmosphere. This sometimes means that she is uncomfortable doing a one on one date with you. But it is more likely that she is accepting your offer because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.



5. The Way She Introduces You as a Friend

There is a significant difference between being introduced or referred to as a friend, and as a friend. A friend can be someone she knows or possibly an acquaintance. If you don’t see a wink or a giggle when she is introducing you to someone, then she really means you are just a friend. Ouch.



6. She is Always Talking About Other Guys

This can mean two clear things- She is hoping to discourage you from contending or competing with the guys she always talks about or she is not into you at all.

The prime difference here is, if she asks you for tips and advice, she only sees you as a good friend who is capable of giving her helpful advice and she is therefore not into you.



7. She Never Gets Dressed Up For You

It is not every woman that makes an effort to look good just for a guy. But at times, women who are into someone would try to upgrade their appearance. e.g putting on some perfume, wearing lipstick, wearing an attractive dress and so on.

If you hang out with a girl and she is always wearing ill-fitting or gym clothes, there are two distinct ways you can look at the situation. One: She is comfortable being herself around you. Two: She is so comfortable because you are such a good friend who is unmistakably in the friend zone.



8. I Love You, Friend!

These four words, secures a great spot for you in the friend zone. You can choose to man up and tell her exactly how you feel or accept being so close yet so far from her.

Of course, there are instances where admitting your feelings can make her see you in a romantic light. But there is also a possibility that she will say something like- “I don’t want to ruin our friendship” If she says something along this line, know that you are super-glued to your spot in the friend zone.



9. She Finds It Difficult to Accept Your Gift

If she doesn’t like you, she is either going be uncomfortable when you send her gifts or question why you are giving her a gift even when it is her birthday. If she is into you, she will accept it shyly or even blush. On the other hand, if she is not into you, there is a possibility that she will reject your gift or ask you not to give her gifts (however small) in the future.



10. I Wish More Men Were Like You!

Meaning- I wish the guys I am attracted are more like you. No matter how clever or chivalrous you are, sometimes the girl you are falling for will take all those traits and wish it were in another man.  If that is the case, just take as a compliment and move on.


By now you should be able to gauge whether she is into you or not. If you are still figuring out , maybe you refuse to take subtle no for an answer. You may feel like there is a room for you to try harder to win her over. Plenty of love stories started with ‘The Chase” , they are usually the best ones. All the best to you !


Do you have any other tips or stories on how you figured out that she’s not into you ? Share them with us .

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