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10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Perth, Western Australia

It is that time of the year again where Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This is the day where you go all out to prove to your other half,  how committed you are. For some, planning for the perfect Valentine can be a source of headache. Well, to those who embraces the spirit of Valentines Day, and are looking for some fun and romantic ideas to celebrate this year, good news. We have compiled 10 romantic places you can travel to as well as activities you can do as a couple in Perth, Western Australia this Valentine’s Day.

Do the Fringe Thing

A big YAY for the Perth Fringe Festival. There’s so much to do at the festival ranging from watching cabaret, circus to comedy shows. If watching any of the fantastic line up this year isn’t your thing, hang out at the Pleasure Garden. Soak in the amazing vibe, romantic lights and fabulous foods and drinks.

Romance Rating : 3/5


Valentines Day in Perth

Spend some alone time with your other half this Valentine’s Day somewhere quiet. Put your good walking shoes on and immerse yourselves through the myriad of landscapes and great network of trails to explore. Perth is blessed with remarkable walking trails to impress all level of hikers. Our favourites are the Lesmurdie Falls National Park hiking trail and the Ellis Brook Valley.  Check out for a comprehensive list of walking trails around Perth.

Romance Rating : 3/5

Date at the Swan Valley 

Swan Valley has all the ingredients that spells the perfect Valentine’s Day. Great food, awesome wine and wide array of things to do and see. It is easy to plan for a spectacular day relaxing under the sun , jam packed with lots of fun and romantic activities.  Furthermore, if you truly would like to let your hair down for the day and would like to eliminate the stress of planning off on this special day,  try the tours. The full day Wine Tours or the Swan Valley Wine Cruise, will showcase the best of the best this region has to offer.

Romance Rating : 4/5

Rendezvous at the Observatory or the Planetarium

Would you rather say ‘I love you’ with science?  If so, then this idea is especially useful for the die-hard science-lover, astrophiles or a simple star gazer out there. There are plenty of interesting stuff in store to share the wonders of the universe with your better half this Valentine’s Day. So make this day one to remember through a rendezvous at the Scitech Planetarium Dome Date Night. If you rather look at real time night sky , here is one for you. Experience the amazing night sky of Western Australia with the Valentine’s Day Night Tour at the Perth Observatory.

Romance Rating : 4.5/5

Swim with Dolphins

Valentines Day Things to do

Valentine’s Day does not get anymore romantic than swimming amongst the dolphins with your soul mate. Dolphins are so cute! Enjoy a magical face to face experience this Valentine’s with wild dolphins swimming in their natural habitat. In addition, observe other fascinating behaviours of dolphins along the way such as hunting, mating and nursing within inches of you. Share this special moment with your loved ones and embark on an unforgettable experience mother nature can offer you.

Romance Rating : 5/5


Forget making a love song mix tape. Up your ante this Valentine’s Day by singing your favourite love songs at the Karaoke Bar and dedicate it to the love of your life. Furthermore, if your boo is a good sport, you may even get to sing a duet or two. ‘My Endless Love’ by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie comes to mind .  That has to be the quintessential Valentine’s Day song duet!

Romance Rating : 3/5


Want an experience that extends beyond the conventional hotel stays but feel that your Valentine’s Day gateway deserves more comfort than roughing it out, all sweaty? Then glamping is your answer.  Pick a location, the more intimate the better.. by the lake, by the sea, or on your own backyard (a great alternative if you can’t find a babysitter). Hire a glamping tent from for a cosy, luxurious, nature based Valentine’s Day experience.

Romance Rating : 5/5

Go Bowling 

Valentines Day Things to do

Great atmosphere. Add a little bit of trash talk, with a bit of team building exercise also not forgetting the snacks and the cheesy music. Why not make it a little X-rated by rewarding the winner with a little striptease at the end of the night!

Romance Rating : 3/5

Watch a Concert 

There is something about going to a concert that makes you feel emotions like no other.  Especially when it is your favourite bands or songs that reminded you of the good old days. Furthermore, being surrounded by people that are just as passionate about the music and to share it with your life partner..that feels amazing. Two major gigs happening in Perth on this Valentine’s Day 2018 are TLC & Shaggy and the Bonfest Freo music festival.

Romance Rating : 4/5

Movie Night – Outdoor

Finally, Perth’s awesome weather is perfect for spending Valentine’s Day outside at the outdoor cinemas. Beside that,the open sky, comfy chairs and your favourite flicks on the big screen is the ultimate summer treat. The best news is, there are over 10 outdoor cinemas popping up this summer in Perth . Our favourite is the Rooftop Movies in Northbridge due to the stunning view of the city. So grab a drink, cuddle up with your bae into the bean bag and enjoy the movie. Even more, the movie screening this Valentines Day at the Rooftop Movies will be ultimate chic flick ..’The Notebook‘. All the ladies say awwwwwwwwww.

Romance Rating : 3/5

Would like to share any other most noteworthy Valentine’s Day ideas in Perth ? Drop us a line!

To all the blokes, you are welcome.

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