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11 Best, Must Follow Food Bloggers For Your Meal Prep Inspo

Are you looking to kickstart your week with amazing-not boring meal ideas ? Meal prep is definitely a handy approach to make sure you stick to wholesome, nutritious , delicious and cost friendly meals every time. Meal prepping to suit your lifestyle food choices and your daily routines is imperative to maintain healthy and balanced eating habit.  Interesting meal choices will definitely keep you away from drive-through fast food, expensive lunches and greasy take-aways.  The idea of making one week worth of meals can be daunting, but worry not. Here we have listed 11 food bloggers on Instagram to give you some meal prep ideas and get your meal-prep creative juices flowing.


Top 4 Tips to Meal Prep Like a Pro

  • Plan your Meals in Advance – this is best done before you go grocery shopping. If you are like me; where what’s cheap at the shop dictates what I eat that week – that is fine too. At least have some indication of what you feel like having so you don’t over do this whole meal prep thing.
  • Check Your Pantry – see is there is anything you can create from your pantry first. You will be amazed how much money you save just by planning your meals using food from your pantry. Items like beans, canned tomatoes, soup in a can, rice, pasta or even instant noodles can transform a plain meal into a gourmet offerings.
  • Shop local, Shop Seasonal, Shop Special – It can sometime be tempting to spend $7 on a 200g box of blackberries because your influencer had it in her breakfast and it looked lit. Shop what’s freshest and value for money in your local area. Blackberries may not be in season where you are. That’s fine because you can substitute it frozen blueberries which are way cheaper, yet are equally as nutritious.
  • Prep for Good Days, Prep for Bad Days – At the start of the week, we all hoped that our days are going to be great, filled with healthy, low carb , superfoods. But lets face it, sometimes life happens. You have bad days. And on bad days, you may want to taste the comfort of an actual Spaghetti Bolognese, rather than zoodle bolognaise.  If you don’t prep of days like these, you will end up skipping your planned meals and go with bigger, larger portions of comfort food. Having these comfort meals handy will avoid that.



meal prep ideas

Via @cleanfoodcrush

Easy to make meal prep with focus on Clean Eating



meal prep ideas

via @theroastedchickpea

Fantastic vegan meal prep ideas



@prepwithalicemeal prep ideas

Via @prepwithalice

Quick yet colorful and balanced meals.



meal prep ideas

via @gimmedelicious

Food blog focusing on Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) and  Keto recipes.



meal prep ideas

via @theplantedone

Wholesome plant based meal ideas




meal prep ideas

via @themealprepmanual

Specifically dedicated to meal prep. This meal prep blogger offers an interesting insight into meal prepping for weight gain and weight loss. Each meal comes with calories and nutrition information which is helpful if you are tracking your calorie intake.




meal prep ideas

Via @budgetbytes

Delicious and healthy meal prep recipes and ideas for those who are on a budget.




meal prep ideas

via @wernou

Scandinavian style meal prep. Clean eating at its best.



meal prep ideas

via @frommybowl

Wide variety of Vegan recipes and meal prep ideas


meal prep ideas

via @thegirlonbloor

Healthy, delicious, easy and quick meal prep recipes



meal prep ideas

via @zun_ko-0910

We will leave you with this amazing food blog. Fantastic ideas on food styling if you want to create something cute and gorgeous to eat at the office.


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