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11 Buddha Bowls You Must Try This Summer

There is nothing better in Summer than to enjoy eating healthy seasonal produce.  For an easy fuss free breakfast, lunches or even dinner, here are 11 Buddha Bowls you can make , that will surely hit the spot.



Creamy Quinoa, Eggs,  and Kale Bowl

buddha bowls


Recipe From : Donna Hay

Don’t be fooled by the scarcity of ingredients in this Buddha Bowl. Each of the 4 main ingredients complements each other in making one hearty bowl. Plus, creamy quinoa and haloumi cheese? yum…




Ponzu Edamame Buddha Bowl


buddha bowls


Recipe From : Give a Fork

This Japanese inspired Buddha Bowl will ignite your senses. The crunchiness of sliced radish, mixed with the tanginess of pickled ginger and not to mention the simple but elegant ponzu sauce makes this buddha bowl recipe a must try.

Sweet Potato Falafel Buddha Bowl


buddha bowls

Recipe From : Pick N Pay

The Falafel is so so good you can even eat it on its own, as a snack.  Love the combination of seeds, legume and sweet potatoes in this buddha bowl.  The bowl may look simple, but have it for lunch and be guaranteed that this  will sustain you throughout the day.


Blueberry, Avocado and Goat Cheese Bowl


buddha bowls

Recipe From : House of Wellness 

This would have been a rather creamy bowl for our liking if it wasn’t for the sweet, juicy blueberries. We added blueberries and raspberries in our bowl and the flavours simply complement the dominant goat’s cheese.  Goat’s cheese may not be everyone’s cup of tea which can be substituted with other cheeses such as Feta , Haloumi or Cream Cheese.

Breakfast Buddha Bowl

buddha bowls


Recipe From : The Fertility Kitchen

Looking for something clean, healthy yet filling to sustain you for the first half of the day ? Look no further than this breakfast buddha bowl. The turmeric eggs are protein packed and nutritious, perfect with accompanying veggies.


Buddha Bowl with Avocado and Quinoa


buddha bowls

Recipe From : Berenberg

This is a great buddha bowl for those who are active throughout the day.  The sweet potatoes and quinoa taste great together, so much so you can skip the dressing should you wish and flavour this bowl with a simple salt, pepper and a dash of olive oil.


Korean Barbeque Tofu Bowls Recipe

buddha bowls

Recipe from : Oh My Veggies

This is the kind of Buddha Bowl we would make to impress. It has complex yet wonderful flavours of pineapples, miso and siracha. This is a must try recipe (and kept in your repertoire)  as it tastes nothing like the others. Great for entertaining or a picnic date. It is hard to believe that this buddha bowl is packed with healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Rainbow Buddha Bowl


buddha bowls


Recipe From : Kale Me Maybe

We are sure by now you would have heard that eating fruits and veggies of many colors will help you stay healthy and strong. Well, it does not get any colorful than this Rainbow Buddha Bowl.  Packed with the best ingredients, you definitely deserve your dessert after you are done with this bowl (not that we think you can pack anymore food in after)

Peanut Chickpea Buddha Bowl


buddha bowls

Recipe From : Skinny Ms

This peanut chickpea buddha bowl would turn meat-eater into a vegan food loving person.  We seriously could eat this every day. The peanut dressing is so good, you WILL eat it with everything!


Broccolini Green Buddha Bowl


buddha bowls

Recipe From : Perfection

Have this on days where you need lots of lots of lots of green.

Spicy Buddha Bowl


buddha bowls

Recipe From : Vegan Easy

A great way to introduce some spice in your bowl. However, if you don’t like dressing to go with your food, you can always sprinkle some chilli flakes to give your buddha bowl a little bit of umph!

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