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12 Amazingly Delicious Asian Style Keto Dinners for Easy Weight loss

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When we started on our Keto Diet plan, one of the biggest challenges we faced was with finding a variety of food that fit our taste bud. Avocado and cheese are great and all, but it is just something we don’t eat daily and we needed to be able to incorporate flavors we are familiar with to make this diet sustainable. To find something as authentic as possible is also quite a hassle as Keto is only gaining momentum in Asia at the moment. That said, it is still possible to find great Asian Keto Recipe around. Here are 12 Asian Style Keto Friendly Meals that are not only delicious,  they are also really easy to make.


Tips for Making Asian Inspired Keto Dinners

  • If you have a hankering for noodles and zoodles just wouldn’t do, try the Shirataki Noodles. They taste just like the real thing. With 10 calories and 3 g of Carbs per serve, you can just about have this every day and not go over your daily carb provision
  • Asian foods are big on sauces, which is what makes them so yummy and delish. But most sauces are high in sugar and non-keto. Fish sauce is commonly used in Asian dishes has zero carb and zero sugar. They are made from anchovies and they taste so bloody good. You can add Fish Sauce this in your soup, stir-fry and curries.
  • On top of sauces, Asian flavors also rely heavily on herbs and spices which is great as they are low in carb and keto friendly. These 11 Asian herbs can be added to create a more authentic flavors
  • Coconut milk and coconut oil is a great ingredient to be added into your Asian dish for extra dose of good fat
  • If that is not enough for you, there is always flavored keto butter. Make Asian inspired keto butter such as Chilli and lime, Miso butter and herb butter to add more amazing depth to your keto meals.



Cauliflower Rice Sushi


asian keto meals

Recipe from : Healthloco

With cauliflower replacing rice in the sushi, this recipe is not only highly nutritious and easy to make, it is also tasty. Despite replacing the rice, it is surprising how filling this sushi can be. This sushi recipe It is the best recipe to combine all your favorite keto ingredients such as salmon, avocado, chicken, tamagoyaki (recipe below) and prawns.





Steamed Ginger Chicken


asian keto meals

Recipe From :  KetoJules

This recipe is often on repeat in our house – the prep and work involved barely constitute as ‘cooking’. It doesn’t require many ingredients and depending on how you make them, doesn’t require much attention in the kitchen (I just chuck mine in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes). The result is succulent, moist and finger licking ginger chicken you can have on its own or with sides such as cauliflower rice.





Chicken Ramen


asian keto meals

Recipe From : Brookefoodies

Never ever crave for ramen no more with this keto friendly tori-paitan ramen recipe. The shirataki noodles are the Japanese variation of what ‘other’ Asians known as Glass Noodles/ Suhun/Tanghoon .  With plenty of vegetables, beautifully seasoned broth, a bit of meat and noodles, the result is a heavenly bowl of fresh, clean and delicious keto friendly ramen. This bowl of ramen is a perfect pick me up on days where you are suffering from Keto Fatigue.





Tandoori Tikka Paneer


Recipe from : MyTastyCurry

This would make a great appetizer, snacks, and even main meal. Perfectly marinated and grilled paneer cheese. This is a treat for all cheese lovers who are currently on Keto.  The best part is, you don’t even need to own a ‘tandoor’ or an oven, recipe simply calls for cooking to be done in the microwave. Talk about convenience! If you are not a fan of the paneer, simply substitute the cheese with other keto friendly ingredients.





Korean Popcorn Chicken


Recipe From : Fat to Fit Chick

We absolutely love Korean Fried Chicken (KFC), something about the sweet and spiciness of the gochujang that is so addictive. This is a Buldak recipe (literally means Fire Chicken with Cheese) which is easy to make, yummy and sooo cheesy. Best of all, it is Keto friendly. We usually just have this on its own as the cheese and chicken is quite filling. However, if you want to have more bulk to your meal, feel free to serve this alongside some Kimchi fried rice, or Kimchi Lo Mein.





Chicken Adobo


Recipe From : Kalyns Kitchen

This adobo chicken recipe is so yum yum it is hard to believe that this is a Keto recipe. This recipe is great using the slow or pressure cooker for those who haven’t got time in the kitchen.  Using ingredients commonly available at home, you can replace the chicken with other meat such as pork or beef.  This keto recipe is also great as part of your weekly meal prep plan repertoire.





Fried Lo Mein


asian keto meals

Recipe From : Healthy Recipes Blogs

Have your end of the week Chinese takeout meal at home in under 10 minutes! This lo mein recipe calls for the use of Shirataki style noodles and is super yummy and easy to make. There are plenty of variations you can make with the lo mein , such as Kimchi Lo Mein (adding Korean Kimchi)  and Indonesian Lo Mein (adding chili flakes and a tiny dash of Kicap Manis).





Japanese Fried Rice


Recipe from : Happy Keto

This fried rice recipe has all the good things , cauli rice, eggs and plenty of garlic.  One thing though, if your processed cauliflower tends to get a bit ‘moist’, you can always chuck it in the oven on high for 5 mins to dry it out before stir frying with the rest of the ingredients. We tend to have this for lunch at work and it is so satisfying yet does not make us tired or sleepy after.



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Satay Chicken Noodle


asian keto meals

Recipe From : Gnom-gnom

It is so hard to believe, that this super awesome Chicken satay noodle is a keto recipe! The satay sauce is so creamy and yum and not to mention the combination of chicken, shirataki noodles, and the sauce is just epic.  This recipe makes for a great date night dinner on the weekend while binging on ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix. The best thing is you won’t regret on overindulging after. Win!







asian keto meals

Recipe From :  My Tasty Curry

Everyone loves Tamagoyaki. The first sushi Ida have ever eaten was a Tamago and what an experience! This is an omelette simple recipe that you can add or remove ingredients to as you please. Depending on how fussy you are on the way the Tamagoyaki looks, you may need some patience and mad flipping skills to make them look like the ones you see at the Japanese Restaurant. We tend to add cheese and avocado to ours to make it more creamy, yummy and filling.





Keto Upma


asian keto meals

Recipe From :  Headbangers Kitchen

Upma is a popular South Indian breakfast food made from semolina.  It is usually cooked as a porridge (similar to grits). This Keto Upma is made from Cauliflower. For a sweeter texture, you can always mix the Cauliflower with some butternut squash, which works well with the combination of spices and nuts. Give this recipe a try for a hearty, interesting and delicious breakfast different from your usual.





Sri Lankan Fish Curry


asian keto meals

Recipe From : The Nourished Caveman

We are such a big fan of this Sri Lanka Fish Curry. It is a mild curry which is rich in taste and can be made spicier if needed (if you add more green chilies or even chili flakes). While this curry recipe is best suited for white fish, they would also turn out decent using Salmon or other seafood such as scallop or prawns. Best served with some Cauliflower Rice, however, if you want more of a convenience, just add broccoli, cauliflower, and some bell peppers into the curry 3 minutes before you turn off the heat.


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