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Eat Like a Local Food

14 Iconic Australian Foods You Need to Add in Your Bucket List Right Now

Australia has an incredible range of food and produce. Due to our diversity, our food scene is exciting and ever so evolving. The quality of our local produce are second to none and Australians are always proud to support and use Australian made products, often favouring them to imported produce. Australian food is basically a melting pot of different cuisine from different cultures, using local produce – and we made it out own. From bush tucker to Aussie dessert, Australian food  is adventurous, colourful, unique and even passionate. So, if you are traveling to Australia, sampling our tucker is a must! Here is a list of fair dinkum Australian Food you can only find and must try here in Australia. Not trying any of these before you leave our country… mate… that is soooo Un-Australian!




Tim Tams

Australian Food Icon


Source National Hotel Supplies

When I had my first Tim Tams some 16 years ago, I was so surprised about how good it tasted that I ate the whole pack in one sitting. This is something that I can still do today. Tim Tams is one of that food where you cannot just stop at a piece. Two malted biscuits separated by a light chocolate cream filling and coated with a thin layer of textured chocolate, Tim Tams is absolutely delicious.

The best way to eat Tim Tams is the Australian way, bite off opposite corners of the biscuit and use it as a straw.  Slurp up a hot beverage like Milo, hot milk or hot chocolate, and then pop the whole warm, melty treat into your mouth in one go.  If you are a Tim Tams virgin, always… go… for…. the… original… flavour.




Chiko Rolls


Australian Food Iconc


Source Chiko Rolls


Here is one confusing fact about Chiko Roll. Chiko roll does not contain chicken. This iconic Australian snack food was created by an Australian to resemble the Chinese Spring Rolls. This savory snack is so popular that most Australians will talk about Chiko rolls with such fondness as it takes them to their childhood.

While you can get frozen Chiko rolls from the supermarket, you can find Chiko rolls from any Fish & Chip shops, Chicken shops or any Australian takeaway shops. Chiko roll is also halal certified




Aussie Meat Pie


Australian Food Icon


Source Goodfood

A good Aussie meat pie has to be in your must-eat list. Beef in rich gravy enveloped in buttery shortcrust pastry. Australian meat pie is such a day to day staple, you can find them just about anywhere. Service stations, cafe’s, supermarket. Not only that, you see them being consumed at any time, on any occasions. It is not unusual to find a truckie tucking into one at 7 am in the morning, or thousands of footy fans enjoying a meat pie at the stadium during halftime.

While you can find some seriously great homemade meat pies at a bakery, for a true blue Aussie experience, try meat pies from these popular brands such as Four’N TwentyVilli’sMrs Macs or Balfour’s. It is okay to have your pie with tomato ketchup (definitely not a crime against humanity there..)




Australian Pale Ale

Australian Food Icon

Source Liquor Baron

Australians rank #19 in the list of world’s beer consumption per capita. On average, Australian’s drink 680 bottles of beer a year. While Victoria Bitter (VB) tends to be the most consumed brand of beer, pale ale reigns as Australia’s most consumed beer style. Australians are big on local brew when it comes to their alcohol. With 99% consumers are happy to support local Australian businesses by consuming beers from independent Australian brewery.

Australian pale ale has a light, refreshing, fruity taste. With plenty of brewery and microbrewery popping up all over Australia, one must not miss on craking up a cold one with craft pale ale. However, if you prefer commercial stuff readily available at the pub or your nearest bottle-o, look out for these brands; Coopers & Little Creatures .




Vegemite on Toasts


Australian Food Icon


Source News

You either love or hate vegemite. To be honest, I have not met an Australian who does not like vegemite. On the other hand, ask anybody who did not grow up in Australia and most of them will go ‘yuck’ when Vegemite is mentioned. Since I did not grow up in Australia, I was one of the haters. My first experience with Vegemite literally made me spend the night spewing my guts out. That said, Sam absolutely loves vegemite.

The most common way of having vegemite is on a simple humble buttered toast. But you can also have them on your SAO biscuits, on a cheese & vegemite scroll. The key to enjoying vegemite is to have them lightly spread over your bread. Too much vegemite will turn your bread salty and yucky.




Anzac Biscuit


Australian Food Icon


Source Delicious

This unassuming snack should come with a warning ‘This is seriously addictive’. Anzac biscuits are yummy, crunchy and impossible to have only 1 of.  You can find Anzac biscuit from your local bakeries or commercially packed in the supermarket. The best thing is, they both taste different, homemade Anzac biscuits are larger (some goes as big as a Subway Cookie), soft and chewy. While the packaged biscuits are smaller and crunchy. Try both if you do get the chance to.

Anzac biscuits are usually served with a cup of tea.




Chicken Parmigiana


Australian Food Icon

Source Goldcoast Bulletin

Okay, so Chicken Parmy is not Australian, but it is quintessentially Australian, aye? Do you know why Chicken Parmy is so popular in Australia? This dish for Australians is an epitome of a fantastic meal. It has a few characteristics that made it so :

a) Deep Fried Boneless Crumbed Chicken – Good

b) Nicely topped with rich tomato sauce, a good slice of ham (or bacon) and a generous amount of cheese – Gooood

c) Served  with a side of hot chips and salad

d) Best accompanied by a white wine or a beer (or any alcohol really)

e) It is one of Australia’s pub staple food.

That my friend is why us Aussies can’t get enough of the Parmy. If you prefer your crumbed chicken plain without any topping, go with Chicken Schnitzel. Isn’t it amazing that how a few ingredients would change what was an Austrian dish (..Schnitzel) to an Italian meal (… Parmy).






Australian Food Icon


Source Wikipedia

If you are travelling Australia on a budget and are looking for a great Australian breakfast – you cannot go wrong with Weetbix. Known as Australia’s #1 breakfast cereal, Weetbix is made out of wholegrain wheat. The best thing about Weetbix is, it is high in fibre and low in sugar, unlike the usual boxed cereal which is fully loaded with sugar. Which explains the cereal’s popularity within Australian household. This cereal is worth a spot in this Australian food list due to its unique shape, taste and versatility. Not to mention, 2 Weetbix a day will definitely keep the good ol’ digestive system regular – can’t complain!

There are many ways to eat Weetbix, but the most popular way is to place Weetbix and milk in a bowl, zap it in the microwave for 40 to 50 seconds , add some sugar (if required) and enjoy. My favourite way to have my weetbix is strawberry milk and weetbix – mashed and eaten cold. YUM!




Sausage Rolls


Australian Food Icon


Source Taste

If there is one food that makes regular appearance in Australian family household’s freezer, lunchboxes and parties, it is none other than Sausage Rolls. While most sausage rolls are basically puff pastry wrapped around a sausage, we Australians aren’t that lazy. We actually combined sausage meat and other ingredients to make sausage mince before we stuff it into a roll and bake it into a golden perfection. Just like the Australian meat pie, sausage rolls are consumed at any time of the day, damn straight.

Two things about sausage rolls, first, do not confuse this with sausage on a roll – they are two separate things. Secondly, never ever skip on trying sausage rolls just because you have had a pie. They look and taste different. But just like the great Aussie meat pie, you can find sausage rolls in just about anywhere. That said, some gourmet sausage rolls from Australian bakeries are worth the try as good quality sausage meat are used and you can find some rare exotic flavours such as Lamb & Harissa, Kangaroo and Angus Beef.






Australian Food Icon

Source Body & Soul

I have never heard of Pavlova, until I moved to Australia. The thing is, while Pavlova is a European sounding name (it was named after a Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova), this meringue based dessert is truly Australian.  The Pavlova is essentially baked meringue, topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits – more commonly strawberries, kiwifruit and passion fruit. You can find Pavlova anywhere , mostly in the bakeries, cafe and often at a party, because they are so easy to make, fresh and light in texture and everybody seems to love them.




Bunnings Snag (Barbequed Sausage on a Roll/ Slice)


Australian Food Icon

Source Bendigo Standard

Okay, so why do we mention Bunnings Snag? You can get normal Sausage on a Roll anywhere, but there is something about Bunning’s snag rolls that spells ‘community’ , which is what being an Australian is all about.  Nowadays the Bunnings Snags stall are run by local charities organisation, for raising funds . The thing is, I don’t know what is it about the Bunning’s snag, they are just so good! The spirit of Australia I guess.  Plus, at $2 , it is the perfect way to end (or start!) your Bunning’s shopping session.

So where does one find this amazing sausage sizzle? The answer is simple, at the front of ANY Bunnings Australia wide. You will find a small stall set up with a line and a bunch of people stuffing their happy faces. Caution, the line can get busy on a Saturday / Sunday arvo.



Farmers Union Iced Coffee


Australian Food Icon


Source A Citizen of the Universe

On top of being one hell of a great Australian beverage, Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee is also a great Australian success story. This beverage is one of the select few who outsold Coca Cola. Commonly associated as a drink for the ‘tradies’,  Farmers Union Iced Coffee is a drink loved by Australians. While there are other Ice coffee brands in Australia, none achieved the same cult status as Farmers Union, which says something about the quality and taste of this drink.

The best way to enjoy this iced coffee on a hot day, with one hand holding on to your drink and the great Aussie meat pie on the other. Huzzah!






Australian Food Icon


Source Nine Kitchen

Another classic Australian cake with awesome lineup of ingredients ; raspberry jams sandwiched between two layers of butter cake squares, coated with beautiful chocolate ganache and finished with shredded coconut flakes. Sounds delicious right? bloody oath they are! Lamingtons sums up the Australian culture perfectly,  layers of diversity and variety of ingredients from different source of origins, all combined to make the tastiest , mouthwatering dessert that everybody is proud of.

The best lamingtons for me are always the big piece lamingtons you see at the Australian bakeries or cafes. However, you can also find them from the supermarket in cute bite sized packages.




Shapes Biscuits


Australian Food Icon


Source Starts at 60

Last but not least, if there is one Australian food that sums up my 20’s, its not booze, it wasn’t vegan buddha bowl, it wasn’t smash avos or chai latte. It’s Arnott’s Shapes Biscuits. Many sleepless nights burning the midnight oil for exam’s , extra cleaning shifts, early morning Macca’s shifts… would have been impossible without snacking on Shapes Biscuits to keep my mind going.  There’s so many new flavours that comes and goes, but nothing beats the original line up of Barbeque, Pizza, Chicken Crimpy & Cheddar. Nowadays, whenever I am travelling away from Australia , I will take with me a box (or two) of Shapes biscuit. Whenever I feel homesick, I will just have a couple of Shapes just to remind me of home.


Well, there you go mate. Cheers.


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