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18 Hottest Travel Destinations You Must Explore in 2019

It is that time of the year to plan for your next adventure! Planning for your next holiday is almost as exciting as being there sometime. If you have not decided where to go, check out our list of the hottest travel destinations every globe trotters must have in their bucket list for 2019.



Calgary, Canada

Best Holiday Destination 2019

via @tourismcalgary

A destination with a strong sense of community, Calgary is perfect if you are after a wholesome travel experience in a cool setting. Awesome nightlife, emerging culinary scene and adventurous rockies should keep you constantly on your toes. Not to mention, the people! Come on, everybody loves Canadians right? they are some of the nicest people- like- ever!

Must Do/See : Calgary Tower, National Music CentreHeritage Park Historical Village , Calgary Farmers Market

Off the Beaten Path: Banff Upper Hot Springs

The Best Time To Go : May – September

Currency: Canadian Dollar

Language: English

Transportation : Light Rail/Buses / Bike




Hyderabad, India

Via @2468harinath

Hyderabad is a travel foodie heaven! This quaint South Indian state is where you go to get the world’s best Biryani. Not only that, visit amazing monuments and shop at the bazaars that stretches for miles.

Must Do/See/Eat : Charminar , Golkonda Fort , Sultan Baazar , Biryani

Off the Beaten Path : Bhongir Fort

The Best Time To Go : October – February

Currency :  Indian Rupees

Language : Telugu / English

Transportation : Auto Rickshaw/Train/ Taxi




Matera, Italy

Best Holiday Destination 2019

via @essemundoenosso

This spectacular cave city in Basilicata region, Italy have to be included in your 2019 bucket list. This UNESCO World Heritage Listed site is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world (since 10th Millennium BC). Venture and wander through the one of a kind troglodyte settlement – you will feel like you are in a whole nother world.

Must Do/See : Sassi di Matera ,  Materasum Ipogeo , Museum of Modern Art

Off the Beaten Path: Casa Noha

The Best Time To Go: May – October

Currency: Euro

Language: Italian / English

Transportation : Train/ Bus/ Foot




Nashville, USA

via @ih8lmts

If you are after a destination that could offer you something different than the usual Island , Nature or big city, then Nashville is that something different.

Must Do/See/ Eat : The ParthenonCountry Music Hall of FameWhiskey & Bourbon Distillery

Off the Beaten Path: Johnny Cash Museum

The Best Time To Go: May – October

Currency: US Dollar

Language : English

Transportation : Taxi/Bus/Train/ Bike




Bohol Island, Philippines

Best Holiday Destination 2019

Via @josephrla

Our final destination is perfect for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. With incredible sights, unspoiled beaches, scenic countryside and one of a kind dive spots, Bohol is truly an island of limitless possibilities for a truly unforgettable experience.

Must Do/See/ Eat : Chocolate Hills,  Loboc River Cruise , Balicasag Island , Adobo

Off the Beaten Path: Tarsier Primate

The Best Time To Go: May – October

Currency: Philippine Peso

Language: Tagalog / English

Transportation: Tricycles/Bus



Doha, Qatar

Best Holiday Destination 2019

Via @nashplateful

If you enjoy beautiful skyscrapers and man made megacity in the making, then try Doha. From sleepy desert  to bustling city with unique blend of traditional Islamic culture and modernism, prepared to be mesmerized with one of the richest countries in the world.

Must Do/See/ Eat : Souq WakifDoha Corniche , Machboos

Off the Beaten Path : Desert Safari

The Best Time To Go : November – April

Currency :  Qatari Riyal

Language : Arabic / English

Transportation : Taxi/Bus




Seattle, USA

Best Holiday Destination 2019

via @jeneecurran

Seattle comes with all the bells and whistles to please all types of traveler. With plenty of things to see and do. Known for fresh seafood and produce,

Must Do/See : Space Needle , Pike Place Market , Museum of Pop Culture

Off the Beaten Path : Seattle Underground

The Best Time To Go : May – October

Currency :  US Dollar

Language : English

Transportation : Train/Bus/Ferry Boat




Shenzhen, China

Best Holiday Destination 2019

via @laolabuena

If you are a shopping freak, then Shenzhen is that place for you. Here you will find hundreds of shopping spots ranging from malls to markets to tiny little boutiques. On top of that, pretty damn delicious Cantonese food.

Must Do/See/ Eat : Luohu Commercial City , Windows of the World , Dongmen Market, Cantonese Food

Off the Beaten Path : Dameisha Beach

The Best Time To Go : September – March

Currency :  Chinese Reminbi

Language : Mandarin / Cantonese / English

Transportation : Taxi / Train / Bus /Ferry




Victoria, Seychelles

Via @visitseychelles

Seychelles may not be as widely featured on social media, but the beauty of this archipelago matches it’s other more popular island counterparts such as Maldives , Mauritius & Bora Bora.  WIth white sandy beaches, green lush hills and low crime rate, you may just as well found your heaven on earth.

Must Do/See/ Eat : Vallée de Mai on Praslin , La Digue’s coconut plantation

Off the Beaten Path: Curieuse, Cousin Island and St Pierre

The Best Time To Go : April, May, October & November

Currency :  Seychellois Rupee

Language : Frech/Seselwa/English

Transportation : Bus / Taxi / Ferry




Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best Holiday Destination 2019

via @travelbuenosaires

With a distinct European feel, Buenos Aires is one sexy and exciting destination. Vibrant culture, fantastic food and of course, the dancing! Surround yourself with beautiful people and reignite your passion for life at a very reasonable budget in this vivacious ‘Paris of South America’

Must Do/See/ Eat : El CaminitoTierra SantaCasa Rosada , Asado/Parrillada

Off the Beaten Path: El Ateneo Grand Splendid

The Best Time To Go: March – May , September – November

Currency: Peso

Language: Spanish

Transportation : Taxis / Metro/ Bicycle



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Samarkand, Uzbekistan

est Holiday Destination 2019

via i.pinimg.com

This magnificent city is home to some of the most amazing architecture. Located on the Silk Road Route,  explore breathtaking historical mausoleums, mosques and prepare to be mesmerized with the amazing blend of desert brown and turquoise all over this gracious town.

Must Do/See/ Eat : The Registan , The Shah-i-Zinda NecropolisAfrasiyab 

Off the Beaten Path: Hoverenko Wine Factory

The Best Time To Go : May – October

Currency :  Uzbekistani soʻm

Language : Uzbek/Russian

Transportation :Electric Cart / Minibus/ Taxi


Perak , Malaysia

via @aizattalib_

This unassuming state located 1.5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur is a great destination for the nature-loving travelers. Elegant limestone caves, beautiful islands, and Ipoh Hor Fun does not even began to scratch the surface of how awesome this place is.

Must Do/See/ Eat : Tempurung Cave, Kellies Castle , Pangkor Island, Ipoh Old Town White Coffee (Original)

Off the Beaten Path: Pasar Karat Memory Lane

The Best Time To Go : May – October

Currency :  Malaysian Ringgit

Language : Malay/Cantonese/English

Transportation : Taxi/Bus/Grab



Perth, Australia

Best Holiday Destination 2019

via @sailor.jay

This amazing Western region of Australia has fantastic weather, world class beaches, award winning winery, one of a kind wildlife, world best hotels and fantastic produce.

Must Do/See/Eat : Rottenest Island , Swan Valley Winery , Elizabeth Quay , Margaret River Chocolates

Off the Beaten Path :  Shoalwater Marine Park

The Best Time To Go : September – May

Currency :  Australian Dollars

Language : English

Transportation : Train/Taxi/ Uber/Bus




Christchurch, New Zealand


The largest city in South of New Zealand is still reeling from the massive earthquake a few years back but don’t let that fool you. Christchurch is bouncing back in a spectacular fashion, with urbanization and heritage joining forces in creating a destination so unique you can only find it at Christchurch.

Must Do/See: Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Quake City

Off the Beaten Path:  Akaroa Township

The Best Time To Go: October – May

Currency :  New Zealand Dollar

Language : English

Transportation : Taxi/Bus/Tram



Warsaw, Poland

Best Holiday Destination 2019

via kristian charnick

This underrated city is often overshadowed by other more popular Central Europe destinations such as Prague or Vienna. But better believe it, this city is breathtakingly beautiful, easy on the budget and Polish food… YUM!

Must Do/See/ Eat :  Old Town, Copernicus Science Centre , Łazienki Park , POLIN Museum, Bigos

Off the Beaten Path: Vistula River

The Best Time To Go : May – October

Currency :  Euro

Language : Polish/English

Transportation : Trams/Metro/Buses




Dakar, Senegal

Best Holiday Destination 2019

via nature conservancy blog

One of West Africa’s most vibrant city, Dakar is rich in history and  full of beautiful, fashionable people. Not to mention the sandy beaches, kick-ass African beats, and fabulous Senegalese food.

Must Do/See/Eat: Monument de la Renaissance AfricaineLake Retba, Ngor Island, Thieboudienne

Off the Beaten Path: Petit Cote

The Best Time To Go: November – May

Currency: West African CFA Franc

Language: French/Arabic/Wolof

Transportation : Taxi/Bus / Bush Taxi




Apia, Samoa

Best Holiday Destination 2019

via @samoatourism

For a great time in one of the treasure island in the Pacific, you cannot go wrong with Apia. Spoil yourself within a lush environment, secluded beaches, waterfalls and iridescent pools, wonderful food and invigorating activities. Swim with the fishes, climb the mountains, get up close with the wildlife and have the time of your life!

Must Do/See/ Eat : Piula Cave PoolMount VaeaSamoa Cultural Village , Luau/Palusami

Off the Beaten Path: Papaseea Sliding Rock

The Best Time To Go : May – October

Currency: Samoan tālā

Language: Samoan / English

Transportation: Taxi/Bus/Ferry



Chittagong, Bangladesh

Best Holiday Destination 2019

Via @amazing_bangladesh_1971

Chittagong is Bangladesh’s second busiest city after Dhaka. This city serves as a gateway to St Martin’s Island  or head to a tranquil escape to the waterfalls, lakes and the rolling hills of the Chittagong Hill Tracts

Must Do/See/Eat : Patenga Beach , Foy’s Lake , Zia Memorial Museum , Hilsa Fish Curry

Off the Beaten Path : Cox Bazar

The Best Time To Go : January – April

Currency : Bangladeshi Taka

Language : Bengali / English

Transportation : Rickshaw / Bus



So what are you waiting for ? Let’s go!


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The pictures are so stunning! I really enjoy being one with the nature so I would really love the places with mountains or lakes to hike or swim into! For places like Calgary, Canada – the picture of the mountain and lake seems so surreal. I can almost smell the fresh air even from the screen. Thanks to the travel destinations you’ve recommended. Now, there’s more added to my list. 🙂


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