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We’ve Got You Covered.. 22 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas He Will Love

Okay, so Father’s Day in Australia is coming up. Don’t know about you, but I don’t like buying Father’s Day present. It is hard enough to find something for the men in my life for Birthdays and Christmas, adding to it, Father’s Day? Eep! Finding gifts for men seems to be my biggest gripe when it comes to gifts buying. Practicality is  often a consideration when buying them gifts, it is quite hard to get something ‘Just Because’ . Even if you do buy them something ‘Just Because’, there is never room for it in the house – it either does not fit with your mom’s ‘interior look’, or they are often just plain tacky (bobbleheads anyone?). So, I sat down with Sam and two of our Dad mates to research for awesome Father’s Day gifts this year. The aim is to find something that Dad will use and love, hopefully. So let’s check out our list of 22 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts Ideas for 2018.


These items have been researched as recommended based on the fact that it is Father’s Day,  we try to come up with things that are special, but not as ‘personalised’ as a Christmas or a Birthday Gift for your dad. You don’t want the Father’s Day gifts to trump all other special days, would you?



Sneaker Lab Premium Shoe Care Kit ($45)

fathers day gift ideas

This is not just any other ‘Shoe Cleaner’, this is THE shoe cleaner. This eco-friendly shoe care kit has four essential sneaker cleaning products your dad will ever need to keep his kicks’ looking new, clean and protected, especially those white ones! While this is sold as a sneaker cleaner, you can just about use it on any shoes, even mom’s high heels!

Get The Sneaker Lab Premium Shoe Care Kit




Balter Beer Growler ($65)

fathers day gift ideas

This beer growler is speficially made for your beer geek dad.  Made out of 304 stainless steel and stores up to 2 L, this bad ass growler keeps your beer cold for up to 12 hours. Seriously, your dad will love you for this!

Get a Balter Beer Growler 




Hyper X Cloud II Pro Gaming Headset ($125)

fathers day gift ideas

The Cloud II is known in the gaming circuit as a $100 dollar headset that performs and built like a $400 dollar ones. One of the better headset for long term use with great durability, lightweight and high quality sound. At only $125, this would make a solid Father’s Day Gift for your Gamer Dad.

Get the Hyper X Gaming Headset



BBQ Grill Light ($40)

fathers day gift ideas

Dad will never have to cook his piece of meat on the BBQ in the dark again with this awesome Man-Law BBQ Grill Light. Just clamp this on the side of the BBQ  clamp it on the side of the table, or the esky lid for light where you need it! So now, he can just focus on flipping on one hand, and holding a can of beer on the other.

Get the BBQ Grill Light




Moov Now Fitness Tracker ($99)

Fathers Day Gift ideas

We could have easily suggest and expensive Fit Bit or similar fitness coach, but for this Father’s Day, we are recommending the Moov Fitness Tracker. Reason Being, we absolutely love their product. While it is not as fancy as most of its competitors  with screen and Knight Rider like talking bot,  but for the price Moov is going for, you can do all your fitness activities and collect accurate data.  Due to lack of screen, data is easily accessible via your smartphone – which is perfect if your dad is not into learning how to use yet another gadget.

Get the Moov Now



Rockwear Lifestyle Sports Towel ($29.99)

fathers day gift ideas

This is a great option for your dad is he is a fitness fiend or is just starting out at the gym. The towel comes with a zip side pocket so you can stash keys and  gym access tag. Not only that, it also has that elastic strap where you can hang the towel or use it to secure the towel once you have rolled it.

Get the Rockwear Lifestyle Sports Towel



DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal ($209)

fathers day gift ideas

This gimbal is a great gift for your dad if he is a fan of photography, travelling or taking selfies. Using the same technology as the gimbals on their drones, DJI gimbal does an excellent job in eliminating shaky hands  and jerkiness, thus creating amazing, professional – looking video footage. DJI Osmo 2 is also iOS/Android compatible with close to 15 hour run time

Get the DJI Mobile Gimbal



Brewquets (from $34.99)

fathers day gift ideas

If you really don’t know what your dad likes, you can always play it safe with beers and nibbles. You know, something for him to drink and munch while is he watching the game or the movie.

Get Brewquets



Morgan’s Beard Grooming Kit ($79.99)

fathers day gift ideas

This is an awesome Father’s Day goodies for your beard spotting-hipster dad. This complete beard grooming kit is made in UK by Morgan’s, a leader in luxury hair and beauty products for men. With over a billion jars of pomade sold, these mob knows what they are talking about.  The beard grooming kit contains great quality, Italian made Bristle and Wood beard brush, Folding tortoise shell comb, and a selection of beard care  and styling products to help tame the most unruly facial hair and keep them neat, clean and smelling awesome.

Get the Morgan’s Beard Grooming Kit




Wednesdays With Bob – Hardcover ($24.75)

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

For Dad who loves to read memoirs , especially on Australian pollies. This interesting biography on Australia’s longest serving Labour Prime Minister is witty, political and frank. His charismatic charm that made him one of the most popular leaders Australians have ever had is evident in this book, making  it a profound and unique piece of Australian literature. Two thumbs up.

Get Wednesday with Bob


Prinetti Breakfast Station ($89.90)

fathers day gift ideas

If your dad loves to fiddle around in the kitchen, then he will definitely love to fiddle around with this! This breakfast station is so cute and cool and could whip out breakfast for champions in no time! This breakfast station has a toaster, egg cooker, and a fryer. Awesome!

Get The Breakfast Station



Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag ($219)

fathers day gift ideas

Does dad travel a lot for work? You are in luck, this Titan Checkpoint Laptop bag is designed to be travel-friendly. Ergonomically designed incorporating the smart organisation solution, this backpack comes with plenty of features such as hidden stash component, Headphone and cable management system and plenty of storage for your dad to keep his stuff safely. This backpack can safely store up to size 18.4″ laptop. The 180-degree fold-out design means you can breeze through airport security without removing your device from its compartment.

Get Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag


Beard Buddy Shaving Apron ($9.90)

fathers day gift ideas

Your dad will find this amusingly inventive and your mom will thank you for it. The super strong suction pads will hold the washable beard apron in place on any household mirror as during trimming and grooming process, for mess free shaving.

Get Beard Buddy


Matching Outfits (From $47)

fathers day gift ideas

Nothing cuter than these matching outfits for the new dad and his lil’bub!

Get Matching Outfits


Cashsafe 25 Anti Theft Deluxe Travel Belt Wallet ($20.95)

fathers day gift ideas

We love this money belt so much because it is an actual belt! not another additional item your dad has to strap on his waist-chest, that he has to discreetly (or not) remove whenever he needs to take the money out.

Get the Pacsafe Cash Safe Money Belt



Biolite Campstove 2 – Camp Stove & USB Charger ($219.88)

fathers day gift ideas

If your dad is a camping fiend, then he would love this.  Make your meal, heat your site, light your camp AND charge your phone with this thing! Only wood is needed to burn, The Biolite 2 Stoves a great camping essential that not only cooks your camping meal, it also turn its heat into usable electricity , using the sticks available around you at the campsite. How about that!

Get the Biolite Campstove 2


Game of Thrones Monopoly Board Game ($69.99)

fathers day gift ideas

If Dad love board games and Game of Thrones, how about this GoT Monopoly? Goreee!

Get GoT Monopoly



Limited Edition The Beatles Socks Box Set ($59.95)


fathers day gift ideas

This limited edition The Beatles Socks Box Set from Happy Socks is a great Father’s Day gift for your dad, especially if he is a fan of The Beatles . They are also VERY cute.


Get The Beatles Limited Edition Socks from Happysocks


Million Dollar Shave Club Subscription (From $5)

fathers day gift ideas

Want to give your dad something different, yet something useful ? How about a monthly subscription for a good quality Razor and Blades ? Starting for as low as $5 with free shipping, the subscription service is convenient and provide you with good quality razors for a low price. Not bad for a unique yet practical Father’s Day gift!

Get Subscribed To Million Dollar Shave Club



TED BAKER CHEWER Leather Bracelet ($69)

fathers day gift ideas

This trending woven leather bracelet would be a great addition to dad’s jewellery collection.  Crafted with leather with a very cool looking clasp fastening and a rustic woven finish, this laid back looking bracelet will surely give your dad the çool factor’

Get the CHEWER Bracelet from Ted Baker



Personalised Collage (from $38.15)

fathers day gift ideas

Okay, we did say not as personalised didn’t we?  But we absolutely love this three generations photo on canvas idea! This is a fantastic gift idea as not only it is Father’s Day appropriate, you can also kill two birds with one stone, print 2 Canvas so you can give it to your dad AND your grandad – how efficient is that? Since this is a design your own gift, you can be as creative and cheeky as you want. We reckon that’s a good deal!

Get the Personalised 3 Generation Collage


Bosch PLR 40 C 40m Laser Rangefinder ($149)

fathers day gift ideas

We know not everyone is as organised with gifts sometimes.  This last gift idea is for those who can only manage last minute purchases , or not a fan of online purchases . At the same time  you want something cool and impressive for Father’s Day easily available from the shop. This is a great toy, available from Bunnings for the DIY Projects enthusiast dad. This range finder is the bees knees, equipped with state of the art laser technology, this range finder will give precise results for measuring area and volume. On top of awesome accuracy, colour display screen and laser technology,  results can be transferred and stored into smartphone or tablet through a dedicated app. This tool is so awesome, he will fiddle with it all day long!

Get Bosch Range Finder


So hopefully the recommendation above would be a great gift inspiration for Father’s Day this year.

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