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Eat Like a Local Food

26 Malaysian Street Food Snacks You Must Eat Right Now

Out of all the places we have explored so far, Malaysia seems to be the most exciting when it comes to food. Not only there are abundant of local fare, you can just about find food from all over the world, done well here.  They don’t muck around when it comes to food. But let’s talk about their street food snacks today.  Here we selected 26 Malaysian street food snacks that you must try when you are in Malaysia. They are available everywhere and just about at any time. The main theme is, they are Malaysian-Style food.  While of course there are a lot more exciting street food to feature, we have picked snacks so you are able to sample the food with one hand, while still wandering around the street and market looking at things – handy huh ?

Jagung Bakar

via Hendrik Pyong

Man, it is hard to find anything better than the buttery sweet corn, slightly charred. They are so so good! with just the right amount of salt, or even cheese or chilli flakes for the adventurous ones.


Aiskrim Potong

malaysia street food

via icelykl_official

Aiskrim is basically the Malaysian spelling/word for Ice Cream. It is a locally made ice cream using local flavours such as Corn, Red Bean, Coconut and Durian. It is a must try for Ice Cream fans – it is so good!


Goreng Pisang Cheese

via b.l.o.c.

Fried bananas topped with condensed milk, chocolate, cheese and every other condiments you could think of. It’s not traditionally Asian, but we truly believe the creation of this particular street food snack paved the way to a more interesting Malaysian Fusion Food. They basically took Malaysia’s favourite tea time snack into a popular snack among  youngsters in Malaysia. No joke, this snack might seem a little weird, but it  is so good . Truly a must try.


Ice Blended Coconut Milkshake

via siti marliana mahpan

Sweet, creamy and coconutty – we go loco for the coconut shake!



malaysia street food

via Ainim Ismail

Eat this at your own risk. This snack is so addictive, it is hard to stop at one. Made from lentil and lentil flour, pretty sure this thing is vegan. They tend to sell two types of vadey in the market, normal vadey and upma vadey – both are yum!


Muah Chee

via thefatfam

What is Muah chee , you ask ? they are glutinous rice balls rolled in powdered sugar and ground peanut. They are absolutely bloody delicious! think of it as the Malaysian cousin of the Japanese Mochi – same same but different!


Keropok Lekor

via Pokok Cafe

If we have to describe Keropok Lekor to you, we would say, it taste like those Chinese Restaurants prawn crackers but a BILLION times better! made out of fish, you can have them thin and crispy or thick and doughey. Best eaten with the chilly dipping sauce that comes with it. You just have to ask you self, how do you eat your Lekor ? do you dip a bit in the sauce, do you dunk it in the sauce, or are you like us ; we bathe the whole damn thing in the sauce before taking a bite. Either way, a timeless Malaysian snack.




Putu Piring

via Yati Hamad

Awesome steamed rice cakes stuffed with gula melaka (palm sugar). Pretty simple. But the result ? BOOM! explosions in your mouth!

Tauhu Bakar

via hello trudelicious

Another great snack. Golden deep friend/grilled  bean curd topped with tantalising sweet and spicy sauce. Taste and smell nothing like the stinky Tofu in Taiwan – thank f**k for that!


Kuih Muih

via ummu aimy kitchen

When you wander around the market and arrive at the Kuih Muih stall, what you will find  are trays and trays and trays of puddings, doughnuts, cakes, brownies, jellies , fried snacks – both sweet and savoury. They are collectively known as Kuih or Kuih Muih (where there are more than one type of Kuih). Let us tell you this, at $0.15 a piece, you WILL get greedy and the gorgeous colours and smell WILL make you buy just about one of everything!

Ayam Goreng

via Lillian Young 87

Oldie but a goodie. You can find just about any parts of the chicken fried – all the way to the bishop’s nose (which are crazy crispy and yummy okay – there we said it!). The market seller will gladly cut your chicken into small pieces so you can enjoy it while looking at other things at the market.

Apam Balik

malaysia street food

via tfoodfeeds

This one is our favourite. Apam balik is often described as a Malaysian pancake. The original recipe called for peanut, sugar and creamed corn. But nowadays you can find them filled with just about anything under the sun – sweet and savoury. You can find two versions of apam balik – a crispy thin mini pancake or a thick doughey/cakey type. Either way, they are both epic goodness.

Popiah Basah

via foodpunography

They are essentially spring rolls. But instead of crispy and deep fried, the skin is freshly cooked on site. A bit like a crepe. It is then filled vegetables and topped with sauce.


Sugar Cane Juice

via kanmakan.sakmasak

Another one of Ida’s favourite. Sugar cane juice is basically pure sugary goodness extracted out of cane sugar – and they are green! be prepared to bounce off the wall for a few hours after consumption but helllll, it is worth it!

Ramlee Burger

via Ashcrash8000

We know what you are thinking… wtf? burgers ? puhleasee, all burgers taste the same! NO! Just NO! not Ramlee Burger! its burger; Malaysian style. It has everything a normal burger would have, a toasted bun, meat patty, egg, veggies, sauces but, but its taste different than any other burgers… it tasted like Malaysia!

Cut Fruits

via Gaban Fruits

Ida’s favourite snack in Malaysia. Healthy, tropical fruit snack such as Pineapples, Guava , Paw Paw , Mangoes , Honey Dew, Champagne Watermelon , Jackfruit,  Water Apples all – freshly cut.  You can have it just on its own, or best with preserved fruit powder.


via Willy Satay

Malaysian satays are cheap, huge and yummy. The most we have eaten in on session ? 40 sticks! dipped in rich peanut sauce….insanely, insanely yummy!


via yne granola pau

Yup, Pau or Bao to some is a popular Malaysian snack food. They don’t just stop at the usual BBQ Pork or Chicken bun, they go all out! Curry Pau, Red Bean Pau, Kaya Pau,  Anchovy Pau.. so many options to this soft and fluffy thing!

Steamed/ Charcoal Nuts

via Meizu Malaysia

The simplest snack yet the most pleasurable. You can find steamed chickpeas, charcoal chestnuts or steamed groundnuts at these markets and they are good.


must try street food in malaysia

via ritaaprianahasibuan

Ever wonder how heaven taste like ? Eat Cendol…


Roti John

via Mohd Izzat Fareez

The best thing since sliced bread. It is bread with mince meat, egg, cheese and everything else that taste good! One of the street food snack we must get whenever we are out and about.

Asam Jeruk

via Nur Ismaha Fatihah

Love pickled fruits? then you will like Asam Jeruk. With wide array of fruits that have been picked, it is really hard just to pick one! the most popular are the picked mangoes, paw paw and guavas.


via My Dadih 

fermented milk – basically like yogurt but not as thick. They are good for you.  As always, the Malaysians made it interesting by adding kick as flavours to it!

Otak Otak

via randorm unboaxing

Fish paste wrapped in Banana leaves (we think, or some sort of leaves). Slightly spicy, but they are absolutely delicious.


Air Mata Kuching

via Cindy Lu How Dare You Eat

Okay, to describe this beverage is going to be a bit hard. This drink involves sea coconut, dried longan fruit , lots of lots of sugar (not sure what kind). Sounds exotic right ? you know what they say about exotic stuff right ? During her school years, Ida would have this drink almost daily from Petaling Street. If you come across this drink – give it a shot. You will thank us for it.

Lok Lok

via Jytan

The premise is this, you stand in front of the cart, pick which ever food on a stick you like, dipped that thing in the pot of boiling water, once cooked, dip it in the sauce – it is crazy good. Oh yea, NO DOUBLE DIPPING!


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