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These 5 Thought Provoking TED Talks on Happiness Will Inspire and Motivate You

Don’t know about you but for an overthinker, overworrier and over-paranoid person like me, the pursuit of happiness does not come easy. I don’t need help from other people to criticise and put a damper on all the good things in my life, because I am so bloody good at nitpicking the worst case scenario my self. I don’t know how I got here, considering I have always been the jovial-life of the party. And then I wake up one day and I am staring at this person who is just so ‘bleh’.

That said,  I am constantly looking for ways to become un-everything. To take it easy on life.  One of the ways I have tried and sometimes succeeded is by watching awesome, thought-provoking  TED Talks.   Here are 5 of the must-watch TED Talks on Happiness which focus on our existence and what it takes to live a happy and meaningful life.



Emily Esfahani Smith: There’s More to Life Than Being Happy


Writer Emily Esfahani Smith speaks about the difference between finding happiness and finding meaning in life.  Emily discusses our culture’s obsession with happiness, the power of meaning and the four pillars of a meaningful life that makes us question our purpose and sense of life.




Matt Killingsworth: Want to be Happier? Stay in the Moment

This TED Talk is one that I can relate to. Happiness investigated from the scientific point of view.  Matt Killingsworth built an app on happiness to study about what causes happiness and when humans are the happiest.  From his data collection, he found some startling find and correlation on humans, wandering minds and happiness. Check the video out to find his results.




Shah Rukh Khan: Thoughts on Humanity, Fame & Love

This is my personal favourite TED Talk on happiness, especially since Shah Rukh Khan is one of my favourite actors.  This TED Talk is light, funny and thoughtful. He started by describing himself as  “I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people”.  Shah Rukh talks about his life before and after stardom, humanity, advancement of technology and what he had learned from his life spent in the spotlight.  He even danced! a master at what he does, this TED Talk is simply a pleasure to watch.



Matthieu Ricard : The Habits of Happiness

Seeking more joy in your life? Biochemist turned Buddist monk Matthieu Ricard is telling us how we can get some. In this talk, he touches on the difference between how the East and the West perceive happiness and the characteristics we tend to associate with happiness.  Matthieu also talks about the internal and external quest of finding happiness and how mind transformation may be the antidote to all emotions we have been looking for.



Robert Waldinger: What Makes a Good Life?  Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness

Thinking money and fame is the key to happiness? Think again.  Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger shares the findings from the Harvard Study of Adult Development. This is a 75 year – old study on 724 men on work life and health. From these data, he shared his findings on true happiness and satisfaction.  Moreover, he also provided some suggestions on how to build a fulfilling life from what they have learned from the study.

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