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6 Fashion Accessories Trends To Watch Out For in Spring 2019

The year wrapped up quickly and how! It has been one hell of a ride and we have ourselves on the front foot again trying to curate everything for 2019 – Fashion, decor, and everything that would probably create chaos anywhere! 2018 had its share of glory when it came to Fashion and we saw some brilliant collections around the year in all parts of the world. Retro was big throughout and we loved every bit of the jazz around the trend! Barring the world of apparels, even accessories had many runway hits that created quite a buzz! But what is in the past has passed now and we are stoked to see what this coming year has to offer.

This coming year holds a little bit of a contrast in terms of accessories. We witnessed a lot of extremes, both brilliantly done, on the Runway across major shows in London, Paris, and Milan. Some big, some small, some functional and some totally whacky, there was everything for everyone! And while we’re making this year about the accessories, let us see what is in store and how we can plan and nail our looks around these beauties! Ready for Spring 2019, aren’t we?



The Bag Belt

Fashion trends 2019

Source: Fashiion Carpet

The belt bag or the infamous Fanny pack, there goes one of the biggest trends of the Spring season in all its glory! Somewhat Retro with hints of the Street Style, the belt bag has been a massive fashion fad! With some considerable modifications and a more sleek and prim outlook, the Belt Bag has been a Fashion Front runner now and you can totally go hands-free with this beauty! try this to up your street game or ever wear it for a day out and watch out for all the compliments you would get!



The Glimmer

Fashion trends 2019

Source: Pumped Up Kickass

Boisterous accessories are back and you would surely want to stock all the shimmering and shining babies in every nook you find. The bolder is better and less is no more a thing! The accessories are totally living up the vibe of ‘Go big or go home’ and this is your time to glam up too! Try making bold statement with lots of luster and sheen! Beads, sequins, tassels, you name it and you wear it. Let the accessories be the star running the show and neutralize all aspects of your wardrobe around it.



Big Bags

Fashion trends 2019

Source: @thetulepps

Like we said, there is one for everyone! You could absolutely carry your entire world in this bag and we are getting totally literal when we say that. Big bags are a big statement to make this Spring 2019 and we are drooling over this, already. This is a steal and would totally be a pleasant change from all the mundane things in your life. Try this to really change your look.




Tiny Bags

Fashion trends 2019

Source : @marinathemoss

For everything big, there is always something small to compensate and Spring 2019 is the year for just that. While these massive bags will help you make a very evident statement, the small, teeny tiny ones would be a subtle way to push Spring 2019 in the face. Geometric cuts and sleek shapes are going to be the guiding light here and these small bags will work wonders for your look! Make sure you don’t let their size deceive you because these babies are a natural at turning those heads.




The Everyday Sandal

Fashion trends 2019

Source: @urbancollectivefw

If there was one think that we didn’t see coming, it was definitely this. Sandals were that accessory that people would shove at the back of their closet because we all have a past with them. But the way they have made a very practical comeback on the runway is a highly appreciative job! The sandals are packed with a zesty look to them and have a very ‘street’ aura surrounding them too. They are not like your everyday sandals but would surely now be part of your everyday style statements!



Veils are In!

Fashion trends 2019

Source : @stopstaringclothing

We don’t know if the recent Royal Wedding is to credit for this Fashion Trend, but the veils are creating a massive wave on the runway and off it! They are chic and elegant and can add so much more texture to your look in a jiffy! And you don’t have to be in mourning or at a Royal wedding to sport these because they are now going to be a big part of the World of fashion!



We are so sure that these 6 trends will keep you on top of your Game for Spring 2019 and would prepare you to take the season down in style and with oodles of grace. Hop into your shopping shoes and stock up on these trends because  2019 is right around the bend.

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