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8 Adventurous Ways to Explore the Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

The Jungfrau Region in Switzerland may not be as popular as Zurich, Geneva or Lucerne.  But in terms of view straight from the postcard, winter sports, hiking trails and quintessential Swiss experiences; the Jungfrau Region remained idyllic, charming and obscure. Whether you are there in winter or summer, there are plenty of things to do and see here, for single, couples and family traveler.  Here we have listed 8 things you can do in the Jungfrau Region, Switzerland. If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, you must include at least a 2 day -1 night trip to this beautiful part of Switzerland. Anything less you will be shortchanging yourself.


The picturesqueness and the panoramic Swiss Alps of Jungfrau Region mean it is often featured in Hollywood and Bollywood major motion pictures.  Offering an experience so unique and different from the rest of the world, The Jungfrau region is simply a destination you must add into your bucket list. This place is quite busy at the peak of summer and during ski season. So, there’s no better time than now to visit the Jungfrau Region.


The best way to get to the region is via Europe’s highest train track using cogwheel train. The track runs almost entirely within the Jungfrau Tunnel, between the Eiger and Mönch mountains. Passengers can disembark to observe the views of neighbouring mountains through windows built into the mountainside.

Jungfrau Mountain Railway


1. Wander Around the Villages

Lauterbrunnen Village

Via I waste so much time

There are so many quiet villages within the Jungfrau region. As Interlaken is the biggest and busier town, you will probably sort your accommodation here and travel to attractions from here using the Jungfrau Rail line. But if you prefer the small, idyllic, tiny Swiss village experience, there are plenty of villages within this region. The most scenic village will have to be the Lauterbrunnen. Home to more than 70 waterfalls and UNESCO heritage themed hiking trail, this is one village not to be missed. Other equally exciting villages to explore are Grindelwald, Murren, and Wengen. Bear in mind, some of these villages are car-free area. So you will have to do some walking as part of your exploration. Which is fantastic during summer with blooming wildflowers and sunny days, not to mention, some of the best food Switzerland has to offer!

Did you know: Apparently, J.R.R. Tolkien was so inspired by Lauterbrunnen Village that Rivendell is based on the landscape


2. Sledging/ Toboggan

If you are not a fan of Skiing, there is another alternative for FUN. Sledging the activity of traveling or sliding downhill over snow on a sledge. It is fun and requires little skills.  Try the “Big Pintenfritz” ‘longest sledging run in the world’ starting from the Faulhorn for a 15km stretch down to Grindelwald.


3. Viewing Point

first walk by tissot

Via Loisirs

If you are after the best place to look at the majestic backdrops of ice, snow, rock and the mountains with a fantastic panoramic view, you cannot go wrong with the Sphinx Observatory. The Sphinx Observatory is located at the Jungfraujoch, at the altitude of 3454 meters it is known as the ‘Top of Europe’. This observatory is one of the highest observatories in the world. You can view the magical, high alpine wonderland of ice and mountains 365 days per year.  The best thing is, it is right next to the railway station. Another viewing point worth visiting is the First Cliff Walk by Tissot.  The lookout platform terrace rises 45 meters out into the void.  But, here you will witness the view into the valley with beautiful alpine pastures, forest, mountainside and a waterfall.

Did you know: Mountains around Grindelwald is used as a backdrop for Princess Leia’s home planet of Alderaan in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith



4. Winter Games Began

Keen to try all the winter activities in one theme park in the summertime? Try skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tobogganing and many more at the Snow Fun Park. Here you are provided a safe and secure area for winter sports of your choice and equipment rentals. There are even areas for you to just chill with the snow, feel them, make snowballs or lie on them. Catered for bigger groups and family – this is an excellent place for people who have never done any sorts of winter sports before.



5. Explore the Waterfalls

Trümmelbach falls

Via The Roaming Renegades

There are hundreds of breathtaking waterfalls located in the region. They are a sight to see both in winter and summer season.  The most interesting waterfall you must see when visiting is the Trümmelbach Falls. The Trümmelbach Falls is the world’s only glacier waterfalls within a cave-like environment, that can be accessed using tunnels, platforms and lift. The next awesome waterfalls not to be missed is the Staubbach Falls, falling at nearly 300 meters, this fall is a monster! Get close to the fall and feel the fresh but freezing droplets of water. Simply magnificent


6. Hiking

The Jungfrau region is perfect for a nature lover. There are many accessible and user-friendly hiking trails with various difficulty levels.  Most of them are doable within a few hours or for the day. If you decided to hike for days on end, that is also doable. You can spend the night lodging with the villagers and be looked after. The Mürren and The Faulhornweg trails are a hiker’s dream. Marvel at panoramic views, wildflowers, wildlife, and glaciers.


7. Skiing/Snowboarding

Skiing in Jungfrau

With around 260 kilometres of slopes, skiing is one of the most popular attractions in Jungfrau Region.  The biggest ski resort in the area is the Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen Resort . Covering 102 kilometers of slopes, the Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen Resort location extends between Grindelwald and Wengen. The Meiringen-Hasliberg is another popular skiing and snowboarding resort with over 60 kilometers of slopes that offers facilities such as accommodation and restaurants.

Did you know: The highest-attended winter sports events in the world, attracting around 30,000 spectators each year;  Lauberhorn ski races are held at Grindelwald.



8. Family Fun Indoor

In case there is a snowstorm, there are plenty of things to do indoor in Jungfrau. The Ice Palace has stunning ice sculptures. While the Jungfrau Park is an adventure park perfect for a family day out

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Katie Diederichs October 16, 2018 at 5:59 am

Switzerland at its best! Your photos make me want to pack my bags, book a ticket and go! Also, I didn’t know Rivendell was based on Lauterbrunnen Village. I’m going to add that place to my must-visit list right now. Thanks for the detailed guide.


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