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8 Hottest Interior Colour Trends for Your Home

When it comes to glorifying spaces, colours are certainly one of the easiest ways to change the rules of the game. I cannot count how many times, I have had to change the color of a feature wall just because the missus bought a new rug! If you are like me, constantly looking to amp up your living spaces, these 8 hottest interior colour trends would be a great start for your home decor inspiration.

This year witnessed some very pleasant and soothing palettes that, undoubtedly, brought in so much definition to the platter. It is the year of solids with hints of neutrals and we’re loving the mood board it creates!

Rekindling the love for colours, right contrast and the playfulness of spaces, these are the colour trends that would rule and take over the year in style! As for me, more reason to spend time at Bunnings – *grin*hootest interior color



Crush Over Blush

Source:  Bo Bedre

Striking the perfect balance between a cool and soft tone, blush is a fantastic option to incorporate in your interior spaces. It has a subtle richness to it that touches on grandeur as well as charm. Blush is the ideal pick for minimal decor ideas and accentuated elements at your office, home or otherwise. Seems like this pink would bask in it all!



Charcoal Charm

Source: Behance

This isn’t black and it definitely doesn’t carry the dullness of a grey. The charcoal shade is what dreams are made of. It has a personality and is surely every designer’s go-to colour to add that bold drama to your interiors.  Go ahead and paint the town in the ultra-classy shade and make the most of your space.


Golden Ochre

8 interior colour trends

Source: Hum Ideas

Taking you back to the days of sunshine and cheer, this happy-go-lucky shade of yellow is the perkiest thing that would ever happen to you! Elevate the mood of your walls by complementing this shade wit greys and blues and really make your home the talk of the town.


Charcoal Brown

Source: Ballard Designs

The wonderfulness of colour mixing and voila! new colors with so much to offer! Somewhere between grey and brown, this Earthy shade of Charcoal Brown is the perfect way to tone down and relax your spaces. It has a rustic feel to it which would add a vernacular zest to your interiors. Pair the browns with bright greens and reds to really accentuate your built environment.


Tangy Turquoise

8 interior colour trends

Source : Shop Room Ideas

Turquoise has been doing the rounds since long and has been pleasing us time and again! This lush melange of green and blue has such a soothing quality to it. Personifying a great aura, turquoise works brilliantly when pit against the starkness of a white canvas and we totally dig this trend for your bathroom spaces!


50 Shades Of Purple

Source:  Obsigen

There is no denying that the Ultra Violet shade is one stunner and that is the reason for it being the Pantone colour of the year. Experiment with splashes of lavender and purple and enhance those delicate nooks in your interiors. Pair it with soft and neutral tones to really allow for the purple to shine!



Metallic Hues

8 interior colour trends

Source: Bocadolobo

Boisterous and (z)sassy, metallics are a statement to make in itself. They epitomise a sense of surreal luxury and add volumes to a space. Golds, bronze, platinum, silver and copper are totally God’s own colours and they are perfect for adding that indispensable accent to your interiors. Try experimenting with decor and furniture when it comes to these divine and tasteful shades ; ladies and gentlemen, watch the magic unravel.



Pastel Perfection

8 interior colour trends

Source: Tinydt

We have to admit that we have a soft spot for the Pastels and thus, we were saving the best for the last. This Instagram worthy interior trend has this childlike innocence to it and something that wraps it up in a very serene surrounding. Pastels are a great way to add undertones of a supple and delicate vibe to your spaces and would surely fetch you many compliments!



Now that you have everything in front of you, there is nothing stopping you from revamping and adding these colour trends to your interior spaces. Choose accents and decor entities that bring out your colour palette the most and put the spotlight on your well curated interiors! Try these beauties to actually believe in their power and be consumed by their pull!

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