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8 Interior Style Ideas with Gold For the Hottest, Timeless and Most Opulent Design Inspiration

Shimmering with delight and having the right qualities to make your eyes gleam with joy, Gold is that colour that hits your mood hard! As the trend goes, metallic are no more accent colours but a more luxurious form of the neutrals which, definitely, are now indispensable. The gold interior is something that needs to be used smartly around your home since overdoing it will make things tacky and unpleasant to look at. Various shades of gold exude opulence that if done right, there is no better way of enhancing your spaces. Check out our favourite style ideas and inspirations to incorporate gold into your home. Let’s go for gold!




Deep Golds and Blues


Gold Interior Design

Via Editeur

The only place possibly left to add gold in is your Dining space and it must not go unnoticed! Picking out a flashy colour with flashier gold details, your dining room would totally be in vogue! Balance the loudness of the colours with soft textures and toned down decor to complete the space in style. By the way, how stunning is that blue and gold arm chair!


Hello Playful Interiors

Via Jujupapers

Who said that Gold can’t be fun? Gold decals are such a great way to add a frivolous charm to your walls. Go for gold patterns against deeper colours to highlight that gorgeous contrast. Complement those walls with minimal decor and adorable accent pieces to really define and underline your space.




Gold Grouts and Trims


Gold Interior Design

Via Ian Mall

Talk of opulence and it presents itself in the most amazing forms. Gold trims and grout details are a great way to jazz up your spaces. It is low maintenance and perfectly blends in. Mix it up with black and watch the gold get accentuated even further. Try going for matte finishes here as it would add so much more life to your decor




Baby Blues and Gold


Gold Interior Design

Via  house beautiful

This is definitely the only blues you need in your life. With such soothing colours around you, you are bound to be smitten! Pastel hues of blue with gold details are such a poised way to make your interiors speak. Bedroom and Kitchens in soft colours are a great change from the usual and you certainly should use more of this easy trick to lighten up your interiors.




Centre of Attraction

Gold Interior Design

Via home designing

Living rooms are the powerhouse of a residence and they deserve to bask in all the attention. For your living rooms to be arresting, gold decor options are a steal! Channelise all the energies towards the centre of your space with a statement piece in gold. Elegant and refined, this statement piece is bound to make your guests feel awestruck.




Gold Galore For the Bedrooms


Gold Interior Design

Via Amersham Design

Plush and absolutely on point, this muted variant of gold would set the mood on fire. Gold accents and muted colours are a match made in heaven and perfectly reflects in a bedroom space. Add gold trims and wallpapers and even embellish your space with golden light fixtures to really emphasis on this beauty!




The Study Of Gold


Gold Interior Design

Via homedit

No history lessons here to take but another space in your home that could use a dash of the gold glory is your study or your home office. Enhance the space without making it feel cluttered by adding spots of gold. There is no such thing as ‘too much gold’ and we’d love for you to go all out with this one.




Timeless Gold Details


Gold Interior Design

Via Vogue

Straight out of the Wizard of Oz, Gold and Emerald green forms a deep connection with the senses. Golden details are a sign of lushness and can really make your interior spaces stand out tall in style. Bathrooms are such a great option to flaunt the golden details in and gold finish sanitary ware and accessories are the new fad. Experiment with gold and witness the transformation yourself.

Can you visualise the possibilities with gold? They are absolutely endless and there is so much you can do with just a bit of gold. It is a fresh pick to go for and is absolutely hot at the time. Gold can really make a space pop and we can totally vouch for it!


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