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8 Top Fitness Trends for 2018 to Get that Body You Want

Although we are almost halfway through the year, it is never to late to to start, reset or refresh your exercise routine.  2018 fitness trends will offer some exciting fitness routines which will give you the fitspo that you need to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle.

So let’s dive in and see what the rest of the year holds in store!



Fun Fitness


If you are not a big fan of exercising like me, (I seriously only do it so I balance out my endless supplies of naughty treats) then exercise have to be fun. If not, lets face it, it will only be done for a month tops before stopping. So, fun and entertaining exercises is definitely trending this year. This is not really new as I am sure most of us have tried Zumba, Boxercise , Spin Class, Hip Hop Class.

Look for fun exercise classes at the gym, community centre or even parks around your area that you can join. Some of the ones I have tried so far this year that I thoroughly enjoyed are aerial fitness and retrosweat classes. Such fun!

Tips : Try a 2 or 3 different classes per week so you won’t get bored

Good For : If you don’t like the conventional style of exercising. If you get bored easily.





Yoga is another form of exercise that’s been around for ages. The yoga trend comes and goes and  in 2018 it has gain prominence once again. There are many styles of yoga, and each offers its own set of benefits.

Iyengar Yoga is a form of Hatha yoga where precision, detail, and alignment in the performance of each pose is emphasised. Power Yoga is slow and focused on stretching out your muscles while holding a pose for longer. Bikram Yoga is very similar to Hatha yoga, but the movements are performed in a heated room.  This will make you sweat out any toxins and improve your core strength and overall inner calm.

Yoga offers a great work out as it assists with breath control,  increases mobility, flexibility and strength. Not to mention creating ‘space within your body’. Yoga movements also promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation which is essential in reliving stress and regaining focus.

Good For : If you are after low impact and relaxing exercise



High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


The HIIT trend has come a long way since its beginnings in 2014. A HIIT session includes bursts of very intense work for approximately 20 – 90 seconds followed by a low-intensity, or recovery period. During the high intensity period, it’s essential to push yourself to the max until you are extremely breathless.  You will then recover until you feel you have the energy to go full out in the following round.

Because this workout is so intense, it shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes.  Which makes it ideal for our fast-paced lifestyle. Also, don’t try to do this every day – your body needs the recovery time, so three times per week is ideal.

Tips : Use simple moves that you can do very well, remember that you shouldn’t lose form while performing the movements.

Good For : If you are time poor. If you want to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. If you don’t mind a little bit of soreness.




Resistance Training


Resistance training is one of the most important work out regiment for your overall health, strength, development, balance and coordination.  Including resistance training in your routine helps with the prevention of age-related muscle decline and assists with heart health and keeping your bones strong.

This form of training was previously shunned by women for fear of getting bulky. Now that the myth have been debunked, resistance training have gained traction and embraced by women who wants toned, lean and strong body.

Tips : Get a good resistance training program and learn how to use resistance training machines at the gym correctly

Good For : Strong bones,  six pack and to grow in size, body shape and muscle mass


Fitness Programs for Older Adults


Fitness trends to cater for baby boomers and older adults are also on the rise. There have been a surge in health and well-being awareness amongst older adults.  They are seeking for suitable fitness regiment to keep them younger, focused , active and can be maintained well into their golden years.

Remaining active is the ideal way for anyone to stay healthy, maintain muscle and bone mass as they begin to age. Exercises that focuses on strength, coordination and cardiovascular movements are incredibly beneficial as we mature. Depending on your fitness levels, why not find a fitness programs that suits your requirements. As a start, why not go back to basic and try weight training, swimming, yoga,  aqua aerobics or even running.

Tips : If you are concern about finding a work out that suits your age and ability, seek doctors advice prior to starting.

Good For : If you are starting to get serious about fitness in your 40’s , 50’s, 60’s and so forth


Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes have been around for a long time and it is here to stay. In this type of class, five people or more is led by an instructor. In the class, you are motivated to perform at your peak ,from the trendy HIIT, to Zumba or the well-known step class.

The benefits are obvious as it allows you to add some diversity to your weekly routine and the social aspect is fantastic. Also, once you’ve signed up, you’re committed and while you may be tempted to let yourself down from time to time. Being part of a group may make you hesitant to skip out.

Good For : If you love dancing and socialising



Bodyweight Training

There’s hardly a more convenient way to get your body in shape or maintain a healthy fitness level. You won’t require any equipment or a large open area. Your own body is indeed an incredible workout tool. By applying your bodyweight and gravity, you can get an excellent workout that will show surprising results.

Some easy bodyweight exercises include squats, lunges, leg raises, push ups, and the ever-popular plank.

Good For : If you wan’t a workout that can be done anytime and anywhere.


Personal Training

Also, not brand-new, but gaining in popularity is engaging the service of a personal trainer. Having one on one time with a trained professional allows for a personalised routine and the attention of a coach who invests their time in you, and only you.

You will have someone by your side who can ensure you are doing each movement correctly and help you remain focused. This can be an expensive route. But if you do decide on employing the services of a professional, do your due diligence.  It may be wise to ensure they have the proper certifications and experience to also assist with eating and dietary advice for your unique circumstances.

Good For : Someone to motivate you to work harder and better.



Get Started

So, there you have it; choose your medicine.  You can go hard with HIIT, take it slower with yoga or take a brisk walk. But achieving the movement our bodies were designed for, may not be as impossible as we tend to think.

The common refrain ‘I don’t have time’ also doesn’t bear much weight if you can spend only 30 minutes three times a week, just to get started. Once the adrenaline starts pumping, blood circulates, and those endorphins are released, you’ll feel so good that you won’t believe exercising had seemed like climbing Mount Everest before.

Get started today; you’ll never regret it!


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