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Sam & Ida


The Smithy’s, as we are collectively referred to by our friends. We are a Muslim couple who have been together for more than a decade.  We are childless by choice and both work 9-5 jobs with a few side hustles.  Currently, we are calling Perth, Western Australia home,  with our cat Bruce.

Ida is the happy-go-lucky half of this partnership. She is Malaysian born, Australian Resident.  She works in construction and previous to that in the non-profit sector. Her life’s little pleasure involves cooking, shopping and exploring new things. She listens to hip-hop, collect kawaii things and is a huge fan of crime tv shows. With a lifelong struggle with weight, Ida has lost and kept off 40 kg for the past 3 years.

Sam is definitely the brawn of this partnership. He takes the back seat and basically let Ida goes bat crap crazy. It’s not long until she gets in trouble, and he will step in to get her out of it. Sam is a qualified tradesman within the mining industry. He is English born and South Australian bred. A self-professed health nut, He loves fitness, fashion, travelling, and anything that involves outdoors and survival skills. Sam is very good with his hands, Bunnings has made plenty of money off him with his endless DIY projects.



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