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Awe-Inspiring Beauty Trends of 2018 (So Far)

Do you refuse to leave the house without first doing your full makeup routine? Do you feel ‘naked’ without your go-to quick eyeliner, mascara, and a touch of lipstick? Well, there’s good news! These awe-inspiring beauty trends for 2018 to keep on your radar, are easy going with a focus on a more natural appearance.

Skin and Foundation


beaut trends 2018

The trend for this year will be natural, beautiful skin. Now, don’t panic if you don’t have flawless skin – because let’s face it, who does? The idea is merely to wear less foundation and powder and if you have freckles – let them shine through! Focus on preparing your skin correctly and using a liquid foundation.

Always remember, foundation should perfectly match the tone of your skin, and your neck is also part of your face. So, if you’re already feeling lost, visit the beauty counter at your favourite department store and ask for samples.

Tips: The best advice I have ever followed was testing foundation in natural light; on the face (and neck), not the inside of the wrist.


How to Prepare Skin Before Applying Makeup


The first step is something we already know. A gentle wash with the product of your choice and a gentle pat with a soft towel to dry off excess moisture is all you need.  Now apply a good quality moisturiser and some lip balm to get your ‘canvas’ ready for the next step.

Apply liquid foundation from the centre of your face, blending outward. The idea is not to ‘paint’ on a layer that conceals any trace of your face. If you’re using a sponge, ‘bounce’ it over the surface and even out the foundation. It’s more like buffing than rubbing everything in as you’d do with a body lotion or facial moisturiser. Once you’re happy that you’ve lightly covered all areas, you may want to blot off any excess product.

Follow up with a quick brush of translucent powder to get rid of the shine. Pucker your lips and apply your favourite colour blush to highlight the natural curve of your cheekbones. Brush gently from the apple of your cheek upward, toward your temples. Once this is done, you’re almost there. The key is to blend the colour with a soft brush until it appears natural.

Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman says that blush and metallic will replace the usual contouring regime. This is not only on the cheekbones and apples but higher up on the cheekbone, connecting to the corner of the eye.

Tips : Here’s a beauty secret – quickly rubbing an ice cube over your face before patting it dry. It will shrink your pores, and increase the blood-flow to provide that youthful glow


Make Your Eyes Pop


beaut trends 2018

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Now, this can be a contentious subject, because who has time to use eyeshadow, right – but don’t despair. If you’re in a rush use a neutral tone to cover your entire lid (once again remember to blend) and add a slightly darker shade to the crease of your eye. With the natural look being in vogue, you can even skip the darker shade.

One of the latest trends is called ‘the upside-down liner’ and offers one of the fastest ways to add a burst of colour to your look. It requires minimal makeup skills, and all you need is a liner in your favourite colour, shades of turquoise and blue are very trendy right now (even if you have brown eyes). For the less adventurous or more formal office look, charcoal or grey will also work wonderfully. Line the bottom of your lash line followed by a light brush of mascara on your bottom lashes, and you’re good to go!

Tips : Opt for a good quality mascara and apply it to your top lashes first, focus on the tips of your lashes to make your eyes look bigger.



Don’t Forget the Corners of Your Eyes


beaut trends 2018

Another quick way to highlight your eyes is a fun trend many makeup artists are very keen on these days. Go for a natural shade such as champagne. If you’re more adventurous, or want to match a focal colour in your outfit, you are free to opt for soft tones of pink or even blue, to gently highlight the inner corners or your eyes. Have fun and experiment with this technique to find what feels comfortable. Keep your personality front and centre and avoid following every trend just because it’s fashionable.




What About Hair?


beaut trends 2018

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While makeup may be toned down in 2018, hair is adventurous, particularly accessories. It’s the easiest way to join in the fun without permanently changing a look you’re comfortable with. If you have a short style that you love, it doesn’t have to go anywhere! Glam up your office look with an interesting pin or bling-up your ponytail for drinks after work or even a fancy cocktail party or exciting first date! Rock your wedge cut or bob or find playful tricks for your longer locks online. Remember, the focus is on natural.



Now What?

The natural trend extends to wellness and personal self-care -something most women let slide because we’re already juggling so many balls. As the saying goes though, ‘you cannot pour from an empty vessel’ which makes it critical to pay attention to our diet and supplementary health. Whether you take 15 – 20 minutes in the morning for a yoga session (there are so many short video sessions you can follow online in the comfort of your home) or make small changes to your diet regime, it will show.

Your skin will improve, you’ll feel it in your energy levels and exude an energy of health and well-being that is the crux of the matter after all. Incorporating 10 – 20 minutes of listening to an audio meditation or just quietly focusing on your breathing will make an enormous difference to how you handle stress and the challenges of our fast-paced lifestyle.



Food is for Nutrition, Not Merely Enjoyment

Superfoods are coming into focus more and more. Think chia seeds, probiotics, goji berries, flax seeds and even the lowly sweet potato. Low-carb meals, fresh veggies, and fruits are always going to be in fashion and smoothies are the ideal way to provide a quick breakfast on the way to work or lunch on the run.

Have fun, take care of you and keep it natural!

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