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Botanical Inspiration : Easy to Maintain Indoor Plants that are Perfect for Your Home

Can you ever have enough of the greens at home? They are lush entities that come with such good qualities that their presence has become quintessential in our homes. Indoor Plants are absolute stunners when placed strategically in the nooks and corners of the house.  By picking the right type of plant, they can be low maintenance and can create a calming and relaxing ambient in your home. Small and delicate, these planters not only add a touch of finesse, they also help to clean the air inside.

Apart from their healthy characteristics, these chic botanical inspiration are fantastic as great interior decor pieces! The dual purpose they solve is unmatched for and you’d really want to bring in these pieces into your spaces. Here are some sensational indoor plants you could have as part of your home decor.


Aloe Vera

botanical inspiration for home

Via Gawin

Aloe vera is a personal favorite of ours, as it is such a diverse plant and could brilliantly adorn the spaces at your home. Aloe vera is known for its health and beauty benefits. It’ll grow to a maximum height of 2ft and is very low maintenance. One must beware of having this plant around cats and dogs as it can prove to be toxic. A small Aloe Vera plant in your restrooms or dining room table is a very fresh way to add life to dull spaces. You may invest in beautiful pots and vases to really flaunt this beauty.


Snake Plant

Botanical Inspiration Home Decor

Via Architectural Digest

Getting its name due to its close resemblance to a snake, this plant is a fairly easy plant to go and take care of at your home. Also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, it has a high tolerance to fluctuations in sunlight and is docile to water. Pot this plant at your foyer or next to the staircase and bring out the natural element in your home. Also, this plant looks great against stark backgrounds.  So , don’t forget to make the most of it!



botanical inspiration home decor

Via Crate and Barrel
Cute and petite, the jade plant is believed to be a money bearer in most ancient cultures. We cannot promise you money but we can surely tell you how alluring this great indoor plant would look in your home. The finish on a Jade and the plush green colour it carries make it an ideal decorative plant. They can grow to a height of 3ft or even remain small as of the bonsai variety and make many fall in love with their poise and elegance. Shower your jade with a few hours of sunlight every day and it’ll keep you happy for weeks.



botanical inspiration home decor

Via Miracle Gro

Say philodendron, now say it 3 more times and 3 times faster! The philodendron variety has such a breathtaking foliage among all the indoor plants in the kingdom. There are two varieties of philodendron, the climber type, and the self-standing type. Personally, we are in awe of the climber variety since they make for such pretty hanging pots. They must be watered regularly such that the soil is moist at all times. Get hold of these plants right away and bask in their glory.

Another option here would be the split-leaf Philodendron which has become an icon of sass these days, smeared all over social media. These staggering plants, undoubtedly, make for such exquisite embellishments!


Spider Plant

botanical inspiration home decor

Via Sunset

The spider plant, with its proud mane, is one of the most popular houseplants and we are not even surprised! It could either come in an all green variety or come with leaves having white and green stripes. Either way, they are a sight to behold! These plants look lovely both as hanging pots or on pedestals. Make space in your home for these exciting species and add a touch of fun to your interiors.


Chinese Money Plant

botanical inspiration home decor

Via Elena Biner
This small plant is a splendid little creature that would adorn your space like no other! Its uniquely shaped leaves are what makes this plant such an enchanting pick to bedazzle your spaces. Like most indoor plants, the Chinese Money plant only needs a bit of indirect sunlight and can flourish with minimal needs.


It only takes a little bit of care and love to actually watch these babies grow up and really add so much more value to your interiors. You can always pick out planter bases to complement your design needs but make sure you keep a healthy and pleasing microenvironment with these winsome plants!

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