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Discover Cameron Highlands : Top Things to Do and See

Cameron Highlands is a hillside town, 1100 to 2000 above the sea level in the state of Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.  An approximately 2.5 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highland is Malaysia’s oldest tourist spot noted for its cool weather and agritourism attractions. We recently spent a few days in Cameron Highlands since we heard that Cameron Highlands is an experience different to other parts of Malaysia.

This is indeed true, from Tudor style architecture, subtropical climate(10˚c – 27˚ c) to splendid landscapes, Cameron Highlands is unlike anything we have seen in Malaysia. 3 full days is just the right amount of time to spend in Cameron Highlands. Here are our top things to do in Cameron Highlands



BOH Tea Plantation

Cameron Highlands Things to do

With 3 locations in Ringlet, Habu and Sungai Palas the BOH Tea Plantation is the most popular tourist attraction in Cameron Highland. The BOH tea brand is also Malaysia’s biggest and most popular local tea producer. The tea plantation covers over 8000 acres of highlands, creating a series of beautiful green hills. Getting to the BOH plantation is a bit of a hassle, the road is windy, busy and there is only one way in and out. However, the stunning neat rows of tea gardens, the BOH tea café, factory, and retail center, as well as the ‘estate’ style houses for tea plantation workers, makes up for it.

The BOH plantation in Sg. Palas offers free guided tours on the 5 steps of tea leaves processing. Furthermore, the BOH tea center also has a small exhibition area with information and history on BOH tea which you can enjoy with your cup of Malaysian style The Tarik. After that, take a walk along the tea plantation yourself and pick some tea leaves.

Tip: Make sure to purchase some tea from the BOH tea shop. The tea is super fresh in quality and taste.

Tip: Best time to come here is in the morning as the food from the BOH café is super fresh and it is not as crowded.



Cameron Lavender Garden

Cameron Highlands Things to do

The Cameron Lavender Garden is a great spot for families. Located near the Tringkap town, this place is truly catered for visitors in all aspect. Enjoy the beautiful view of the highlands, blooming lavenders and other colourful and dazzling flowers on terraced hill slopes. There are plenty of areas for photo opportunities, play area for kids and shops selling lavender themed souvenirs, snacks and drinks. If you never had lavender flavoured ice cream before, you can try it here.  There is an entrance fee of RM 10 ($A 3.30) for adults and RM7 ($A2.30) for children above 5.

Tip:  Anticipate a little bit of uphill and downhill walk



Strawberry Farms

Cameron Highlands Things to do

There are many strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands as this attraction seems to be Cameron’s biggest visitors drawcard, especially amongst Malaysians and Singaporeans. The cold climate makes it suitable for cultivating strawberries, and Cameron is only one of a few such areas in Malaysia. One of the biggest Strawberry Farm worth visiting is the Big Red Strawberry Farm or Taman Agro Tourism near Brinchang. The Big Red Strawberry Farm cultivates rows and rows of juicy strawberries and other vegetables. Here, you can pick your own strawberries and once you are done picking, head to the Café for a variety of delicious strawberry themed food and drinks. Free entry.


Brinchang Night Market

Cameron Highlands Things to do

With all the other tourist attraction may make you feel like you are not in Malaysia, head to the Brinchang Night Market for a local experience. The night market opens every Friday and Saturday early evening until later into the night. The market sells plenty of fresh Cameron Highland seasonal produce, clothes, toys and souvenirs. The best thing about the market is the food! Lots and lots of tantalizing local fares.

If you have not come across a real sea coconut, you must give this one a try. The sea coconut is popular in Asia for its high nutrition value and its health benefit. Unlike the usual coconut, the sea coconut has a meatier, jelly-like texture. It has a mild taste when eaten on its own. The sea coconut flesh is usually boiled with some sort of molasses to enhance the taste.

Tip : Try the Sea Coconut Fruit two ways; as part of the Sea Coconut Drink or “Air Kelapa Laut” and on its own.

Tip : Parking can be a bit of a hassle at this market so come early.


Mossy Forrest

Cameron Highlands Things to do

via clean Malaysia

The Mossy Forest is a great trekking trail for hiking fan.  Hike within the forest and get close to the nature with lush green moss, rare flowers and exotic birds. The modest hiking trail can be a little treacherous with low visibility, especially during the monsoon season. Once you have reached the peak which is close to 2000 meters above sea level, head to the Watch Tower of Gunung Brinchang. Here, prepare yourself to witness spectacular views of the tropical highlands and Cameron’s surrounding landscape. Absolutely fantastic

Tip:  There are plenty of trails nearby, make sure to take the trail heading to Mossy Forest

Tip: It gets quite cold here in the morning, so best to bring a jacket.



Indigenous Village

cameron highlands things to do

via Cameron Highlands

The “Orang Asli” are the Malaysian Indigenous people who are the oldest inhabitants of Peninsular Malaysia. The Semai Tribe are horticulturalists who still calls the areas surrounding Cameron Highlands home. You can now visit the Orang Asli villages deep in the forest of Tanah Rata. These visits are arranged with the ecological guides via tour companies.  Observe the villages, huts and the fascinating Orang Asli’s way of life. Relish the opportunity to learn about their cultural heritage and delicious food coupled with their warmth and hospitality.

Tip: Ensure to ask the tour guide on guidelines you should when meeting indigenous people.



Lata Iskandar Waterfall

cameron highland things to do

via Cameron Highlands


Lata Iskandar is a 1.5-hour drive from Cameron Highland where the waterfall can be seen from the side of the road. For the adventurous, there are 3 tiers to the waterfall with a hiking trail made available. The fall is over 30 meters high with a swimming area at the base of the waterfall. The water is cool and crisp and the view from the 2nd and 3rd tier is incredible making this a great activity to round up your Cameron Highland trip.

Tip: The higher you go, the quieter it gets


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