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Eat Like a Local : What to Order from Cha Chaan Teng in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Coffee Shop)

When ever we visit Hong Kong, trips to the Cha Chaan Teng or Hong Kong Coffee Shop/ Diner for breakfast is a must. In fact 90% of the times, we would go there for breakfast. Cha Chaan Teng is a food establishment that sells Western influenced , Hong Kong style cuisine. They are normally open for breakfast and continues to operate well into the evening.

The Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng also usually have nice interesting decor. The theme is often modernised-old school – coffee shop. The eatery is a great place for you to observe the locals and their way of life. You feel like somehow in a way, you are part of the hustle and bustle that makes Hong Kong so cool.

There are plenty of things to available in a Cha Chaan Teng. But if you are a first timer and unsure of what to order, we have taken the liberty to list out some of the best Cha Chaan Teng dishes to order for a memorable dining experience.




Eggs on Toast / Egg Sandwiches


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You can choose how you like your eggs. But the scrambled version is the best. The eggs are so fluffy and creamy, apparently Hokkaido Milk are used to make the eggs so yum. We really liked the scramble eggs with shaved truffle variation, the best.



Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

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If you are wondering what beverage to get from the Cha Chaan Teng to wash your food down with, try the Hong Kong Milk Tea. Aromatic tea mixed with condensed milk. These are so smooth and addictive!


Corned Beef Sandwiches

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If you like corned beef on toasts, then you should get this. Its basically what it is. Thick slice of corned beef in between soft bread. It is so good. Another option is to go for a Club House Sandwich, which contains layers of scrambled eggs, beef, cheese and ham slices.


Sweet Toasts

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Depending on which Cha Chaan Teng you go to, they serve a few type of sweet toasts. Thick cut white bread is lightly toasted and generously lathered with toppings like butter and sugar, condensed milk or kaya (coconut spread). Heavenly sweet.



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Hong Kongers serves and eat their macaroni differently. The macaronis are served in a broth and topped with either meat like ham or fried egg. This is the ultimate Hong Kong comfort food and are highly popular amongst the local. If soupy macaroni is not your cup of tea, some places serves the dry variant without broth, more like a stir fried version.


French Toasts

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What can we say about this iconic Cha Chaan Teng Dish ? It’s artery clogging but taste so good! deep fried bread with filling of your choice. Topped with a slice of cold butter and maple syrup. Its different , interesting and so decadent.


Cha Chaan Teng Etiquette

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  • They are mostly a eat, pay and fuck off establishment, especially busy ones like the Australian Dairy Company. So don’t be surprised if you are hurried off to finish your meal.
  • Hong Kongers, especially the older women and men, tend to speak very loudly. The Cantonese Language itself, if you listen to it, sounds like a harsh language. So, if you feel like they are abrupt, rude and loud, that is just how they speak. The best thing to do is, get to the point and don’t waste time. Plus, listen to what they say (it’s not easy due to the accent), because asking them to repeat what they say will only invite a louder reaction.
  • Take your selfie and food photos. But don’t fuck around like you would other places. Again, they need you to eat and leave. We have seen many diners getting told off for taking it too far
  • Expect to share your table with others. This is actually quite a cool experience because Hong Kongers are cool people!


Hong Kong Must Try Cha Chaan Tengs

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Australian Dairy Company

The Australian Dairy Company is super crowded. Expect to wait to be seated. Service is pretty quick and you are expected to eat it up quickly too.

47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong


Capital Cafe

Love the posters of Cantopop singers on the wall – very Hong Kong. They actually make decent food here.

Kwong Sang Hong Building, 6 Heard St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Chrisly Cafe

Finding this Chrisly Cafe will confuse the shit out of you.  If you search for Capital Cafe, Google will direct you to a Capital Cafe branch in Mong Kok, but when you arrive, you find that the name of the cafe is actually Chrisly, not Capital. The interior is  similar as Capital. Pretty confusing, but that said, the food is decent here too.

That said, for those who want to sample a halal version of the Corned Beef Sandwich, Chrisly Cafe claim to serve halal beef in their menu (see below).

107, Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok

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Do you have any Cha Chaan Teng favorite?


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