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Beginners Guide to Canton Fair : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out our Questions to Ask Suppliers at Canton Fair Template Here

We have had the pleasure of assisting a few of our friends and family with their journey to Canton Fair. During that time, we found were asked a few interesting questions regarding the fair. As we are drawing close to the end of this series; we thought we would share them with you.



Q : Do I need an English Language Interpreter to Assist me at the Fair?

A : Short answer is No. Long answer is Depends. We have done all our fairs without the need for an interpreter. Majority of the suppliers representatives at the Canton Fair does speak English. Some might be well than others. Have some patient and try your best to simplify your conversation. The easier it comes across, the better for them. Ask your questions one by one and wait for their answer. You have to remember, since English is not their first language, they will have to translate your question in English, into Chinese (whatever dialect they speak), translate their answer from Chinese , into English.  They don’t get sarcasms or jokes much either.

If you don’t get the answer you need, try google translate. When else fail, or you think you could have better rapport communicating in Chinese or  you have no patience and have the funding, feel free to reserve your Canton Fair Interpreter Here

If you don’t speak English or Chinese yourself, there are other language interpretation service you can utilise from the above link. Chances are , the suppliers representatives might not speak your language.



A : How do I access my emails, google, facebook , etc services when I am in China, since it is restricted?

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN we use is from Express VPN. The come with 30 Day Money back Guarantee and offer 1 month use. Make sure to sign up and set up your VPN before you go to China. Make sure you also have them on your phone for your convenience.

Tip: If you have trouble connecting, we find LA connection the most reliable out of the lot.



A: How about mobile phone ? How do I get about acquiring a Chinese SIM Card ?

If you are a Vodafone customer in Australia, you can use your existing number. Just pay for the Vodafone Roaming Add On of $5  per day. This is the most convenient way for Vodafone user. If you still require a Chinese number, make sure that your phone is unlocked. You can purchase your SIM upon arrival at the airport. The best prepaid option we tried so far was China Unicom. You can top up online, or at the China Unicom WO stores.

Tip: Remember to add international call option in your prepaid if you are making international calls.



A : Do I get to purchase Samples at the fair ?

Q : Majority of the times, you don’t . Canton Fair is more like an exhibition of suppliers range of goods and services. You get to view, try and see the products , ask a lot of questions, however when it comes to samples, you will be advise to contact them after the fair to arrange for samples to be delivered to you


A : Why is it important to ask if Suppliers have an Export Licence ?

Q: As the export licence is issued by the Chinese Government, any goods that are shipped out of China will require an export permit or it would not be cleared for shipping by the custom. Most suppliers will have an export licence or some who don’t might piggy back through an export agency , Alibaba or other trading companies.




A : How many times do I have to register for the Buyers Badge ?

Q : Once. Unless if you lose the badge. Once you have registered for the badge, you are good to use the badge to enter the subsequent Canton Fairs. Unless told other wise (we haven’t been told otherwise). If you lose your badge, you will be required to re register and this time, you will need to pay RMB200 ($40) for replacement. If you happen to have changed personal information that you think will effect your attandance at the fair, make the amendments on your E-Buyer Invite account on the Canton Fair website.



A : What will be the best Money Changing Options for me ?

Q :  There are a few options to explore here.

Money Changer : If you happen to carry cash and would like to change your money, our best advice is to change it at the Bank of China. It is tedious, you have to show your passport and what not. But better be damn sure that your money is legit and it won’t be a scam. Of course you can try changing it else where, but do so at your own risk

ATM : This is our preferred method as our Bank charge a reasonable flat rate transaction fee. If you worry about the ATM not dishing out money, stick to bigger or international banks ATM. We have never been disappointed with ATM from Bank of China, CITIC bank, OCBC Bank or Citibank. Again, this is a safer option as you know the money you receive are not fake currency . If you are in Australia, make sure to notify your bank a few days prior of your travel arrangement. The worse thing that could happen is you stranded in China, running out of cash, with your cards not working and the bank unable to help you because its the weekend. (True story, this happened to us, but it wasn’t a weekend, it was worse, it was Christmas Day!)

Credit Card : Credit Card is reasonably accepted in China, mostly at the malls and bigger retailers.



A : Is English language widely spoken in Guangzhou?

Q: Unfortunately , No, not many. When wondering around Guangzhou, expect to encounter service or hospitality people to speak very little or no English. So google translate is your friend.



A: Is Guangzhou Safe ?

Q : Guangzhou is a beautiful mega city with friendly people and amazing infrastructure. It is relatively a safe city . You can see the presence of police and security services presence in the urban areas. Like most places , you cant escape the typical crime aimed at tourists such as pickpocketing, bag snatching and credit card fraud. So, it is best to practice some level of caution.


Emergency Services Numbers (Guangzhou)

Emergency : 110

First Aid :  120

Fire : 119

Traffic Police : 122



A : How Long would I really Need at the Fair ?

Q : If you already know what you are looking for, you probably only need 2 days tops at the fair. However, if you are still deciding, you will find that you will struggle to fit in everything in that 4 to 5 days of the fair. We must admit though, that it does get a little monotonous and tiring after day 3.



A : Do I really need to go to the Fair ? What are the benefits of me going ?

Q : We have cover this topic comprehensively in our 10 Advantages of Attending Trade Show Post. When starting out budget may be an issue, so do an analysis of how much benefit attending a trade show would be for you and your business.

Any other questions you have on Guangzhou and Canton Fair ? Ask us and we will try our best to assist you.


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