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Beginners Guide to Canton Fair : Resources – Series of Questions to Ask Suppliers

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Going to the fair as a newbie can sometimes be a little nerve wrecking. You are just starting out and you have so much to learn but you also don’t want to show your vulnerability and come off inexperienced to a bunch of suppliers you don’t trust (yet) either.  Look, the best advice we can give you, in this case, is, it is fine to admit to them that you are new. In fact, there have been many times when we were securing new product, we use the fact that we are new to that industry to benefit us.  There are suppliers out there who understand that you have to start somewhere and willing to work with you. However, there is a fine line between using your setback to your advantage or setting yourself up for trouble.

The biggest trick is to learn and do your research as much as possible before you start swimming with the sharks. This takes time, yes, but fortunately, the internet is filled with great advice, recommendations, and guidance. All you need to do is take the time to go through a few. In other words, its okay to say you are new, but let them know throughout your conversation with them that you have done your research, know what you are talking about and wouldn’t just believe in whatever cockamamie crap that comes out of their mouth.

That said, a great tool to come off knowing what you are talking about is to ask them the right questions when you see and talk to them. It is okay to oversell yourself to impress the suppliers during your 30 seconds elevator pitch, but ultimately, the depth of your experience will lie in the way you deal with them.

The series of questions below have been used by us consistently throughout our time here at the fair. These questions have worked out really well for us as, first, it allows us to objectively compare suppliers and also gave us all the information we need on the business side of things. This, coupled with a few specification /technical questions regarding the products and you should get a brief idea on the product and the suppliers. This will help you better choose your products and your suppliers.

At the bottom of this post, we have also added a Questionnaire template that you can print and use at the Canton fair. Some of the questions may not be suited to your business structure, so feel free to remove them. Please note, some of the questions below may also be for products you are highly interested in. They may not apply whilst you are perusing for products.



Questions to Ask Suppliers at the Canton Fair


What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) ?

Do you Private Label ?

What is your MOQ for Private Label ?

Estimated cost per unit for MOQ?

How long does it take to manufacture the MOQ ?

Estimated cost per unit for Less than ### unit (add your number #)

Estimated cost per unit for More than ### unit (add your number #)

Are prices FOB (Free on Board ) or EXW (Ex Works) ?

Does that include packaging ?

Does that include logo design ?

What is the maximum colors within our logo can we have ?

Can make more than one color for the product?

Can you customise this product ?

Do you offer samples ?

What are your payment methods for samples?

What are your payment methods for actual orders?

Do you have exporting licence?

Do you have experience with exporting to Australia (or insert your country) ?

Can you give me examples of companies from Australia (insert your country) you have worked with ?

Do you have experience with Amazon FBA?

Do you have experience with packing and shipping with Amazon FBA ?

Can you provide technical information/ technical package for the product ?

What type of certification do you have for this product ?

Do you make any other products ?

What are your purchasing policies?

Where if your factory located ?

Which port will the shipping go out from ?

Is there any other cost we need to know about ?


Download Link to the Template:


Beginners Guide to Canton Fair Resources – Suppliers Questionnaire


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