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Halal Eats in Sydney, Australia

Through our travels, truth to be told, finding halal/permissible food is not too – difficult. But the problem is… choices and options- there’s either not much or just about none. What we have learned is that internet searches do not do halal eateries justice – 95% of the time, we stumble upon these places.  If you happen to be in Sydney, and in search for Halal food, you are in luck. There are plenty of halal choices within CBD as well as nearby suburbs.  We have done the footwork for you. Here is a list of 12 Halal Eats in Sydney you must try when visiting.

Note : Please be advised that the halal certification/requirement for each country differs from where you are from. The fundamentals are obviously the same but don’t be surprised if some of the premises which claim to be ‘halal’ or even ‘halal-certified’ allow BYO or sell alcohol or even sell non-halal food.  Our best advice as a fellow traveler is to ‘trust but verify’ and to do your own due diligence when visiting any eatery.


It’s Time for Thai | Newtown


Photo : Its Time for Thai Newton

We stumbled upon this place and decided to give it a go. Boy did we glad we did that. The place tends to get packed so be prepared to wait. They have a huge menu so you will have trouble picking just a few!  But the food.. oh my the food is absolutely fantastic. We had the grilled beef which is so tender and melt in your mouth, alongside the egg fried rice and the must-have Tomyam. The food is clean, fresh and absolutely delicious. Prices are quite reasonable too.

It’s Time for Thai | 233 King St, Newtown 2042




Kaffeine & Co | Yangoona


Photo : Kaffeine and Co

Okay, this place is a little out of the way, but we promise you Mussies brother and sister, it is worth it! We absolutely love this place. Imagine great food, kick ass menu and best of all, halal instagrammable food! This place is a must try, even if you are not there for the main meal, at least try their selections of mocktails and decadent desserts!  Not just that, they also have selections of healthy options for those who are watching their weight.  If you are not sure what to order, may we tempt you with the super duper awesome, heavenly  Knafeh cheeseballs – 4 thumbs up!

Kaffeine & Co | 7/44 Dargan St, Yagoona 2199



Ipoh on York | Sydney CBD


Photo : Ipoh on York

If you want another alternative to Paparich Restaurant (also here in Sydney) , why not go with Ipoh on York? They serve the normal Malaysian staples lah. If you happen to crave for Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Maggi Goreng – mate, they have it all. And the taste is quite good too. We had the Nasi Lemak and Assam Laksa – both have just the right amount of ‘umph’ in it.   Ipoh on York has a halal certification for those who are wondering.

Ipoh on York | 2/89 York St, Sydney NSW 2000




Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream | Enmore


Photo : Hakiki Newtown

Move over gelato, HELLO Turkish Ice Cream!!!  Why are we excited about this place? well well well, the ice cream stretches! The Turkish Ice cream, or Dondourma is unlike anything you have experienced. Don’t believe us? head down to Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream and try them for yourself. With kick ass -cant-find-this-at-Baskins flavours such as Pomegranate + Mandarins and Turkish Coffee this halal dessert spot is a must try.  To top it off, they also serve other delectable Turkish Desserts such as various baklava flavours, various great looking turkish delights and if you decided to stay in why don’t you give the sexy Turkish Tea a try ? (Apple Tea is our fav!)


Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream | 1/63/71 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW 2042




Nando’s Fast Food Restaurant | Sydney CBD


Photo : Nando’s Australia

If you are after some halal fast food in Sydney , the good news is- they do have a decent range of halal fast food outlets. But lets go with Nando’s because Nando’s so sometimes feel a bit more upmarket right? They have a few halal outlets in Sydney, but the one we had was in Kent Street. They have the usual Australian Nando’s menu – our favourite is the extremely hot chicken wrap! zing!

Nando’s | 2/332-334 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000




Chinese Noodle Bar | Haymarket


Photo : Zomato

This cute little unassuming shop is awesome! remind us of when we were in Shenzhen, eating in tiny little Chinese Muslim eatery. They make good pulled noodles here and the shallot pancake is not too bad too. Most patrons ordered soupy noodle dish while we decided to be different and ordered the fried noodles, which was delish!

Chinese Noodle Bar | 800 George St , Haymarket  2000




Pondok Buyung | Kensington


Photo : 19 David 61

Sounds like mak buyung.  A simple yet absolutely delicious Indonesian Nasi Padang eatery in Kensington, Sydney.  Dishes are nicely displayed in bain marie – you can have your meal the ‘Nasi Campur’ ‘Economy Rice’ ‘Mixed Rice’ style.  Their food is pretty hardcore Padang food. Not just the quintessential Rendang, Fried Chicken and Curry.  They have stuff like cow’s lungs (peparu) and gulai nangka (jackfruit curry). They taste as good as the ones in Indonesia and the prices and quite good too! Oh and the sambal — YUMMO!


Pondok Buyung |140 Anzac Parade , Kensington NSW 2033




Rashays Steakhouse | Darling Harbour


Photo : Rashays 

Prefer to dine near the water? If you are looking for a halal steakhouse then head to Rashays. This steakhouse has a huge menu ranging from breakfast all the way to dinner.  Menus aren’t just limited to steak, there’s something for everyone. This is a great way for Muslims to sample the great Australian beef.  The most commonly ordered food, we saw during our meal there were the burgers and the steak.  The Darling Harbour area is a little touristy but if you are worried about prices,  have you meal during lunch time as they are more affordable. Do bear in mind that, whilst this place is said to be halal, they are licensed.

Rashays Steakhouse | Harbourside Shopping Centre , 430B/2-10 Darling Drive Sydney  2000




Neptune Palace | Sydney


Photo : Neptune Palace

A nice, upmarket spot for some Chinese and Malaysian meal. Eating here reminds me those Chinese seafood restaurants in Malaysia where you can have dishes like Butter Prawns and Steam Fish. We had ordered both dishes here and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. If you are looking for somewhere nice to bring your parents too, you cannot go wrong here.


Neptune Palace | Gateway Building , Pitt St & Alfred St Sydney NSW 2000




Hot Star Large Fried Chicken | Sydney


Photo : Hot Star 

Who doesn’t like fried chicken right ? Especially when the Taiwanese make ’em! Like.. look at how well bubble teas turned out? Hot Star fried chicken is a fast food joint that specialises in Super Huge fried chicken and more. The chicken is so huge you can easily feed two people. Make your meal more interesting with their sides such as curly fries and deep fried mushrooms..!


Hot Star Large Fried Chicken | 96 Liverpool St , Sydney NSW 2000




Sally’s Grill and Hot Pot


Photo : Sally’s Grill

If you happen to be visiting Sydney during the cooler months and are looking for food to give you some warmth and comfort, hot pot is the way to go. At Sally’s Korean Restaurant, you can have the option of Hot Pot and/or Korean BBQ.  On top of impressive selections of Hot Pot/BBQ  combos, Sally’s also has all your favorite Korean fare such as Korean Fried Chicken, Bibimbap, Jajangmyeon, and Toppoki Rice Cakes.

Sally’s Korean Restaurant | 311-313 Anzac Parade , Kingsford NSW 2032




Espresso Haus Co | Banksia


Photo : Espresso Haus Co

Looking for healthy, delicious breakfast, great coffee and most importantly, halal? look no further than Espresso Haus in Banksia.  Fantastic selection of Aussie style breakfast and coffee. They even cater for the health nut with awesome smoothiebowls , protein balls, and freshly squeezed juices.

Espresso Haus Co |  14 Railway St , Banksia, NSW 2216



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