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Food Halal Food Guide

Halal Food in Patong, Phuket Island

Phuket Island in Thailand is heaven for people looking for relaxing yet fun beach holidays. With millions of tourists flocking into the island every year, Phuket has, over time, transformed itself into a holiday destination that caters for wide variety of visitors with plenty of things to do, see and shop. Phuket is also famous for its culinary diversity with its tantalising local fare as well as other regional Thai cuisine. This is due to the influx of Thai people from other regions moving to Phuket seeking to benefit from the growth in tourism.

There are thousands of international and local dining options to suit every taste buds, dietary requirements and budgets.

For Muslim traveller or a person who don’t consume pork in your diet, searching for Halal food or pork free options in Phuket will not be a problem.  With the growing Thai Muslim population in Phuket, sampling authentic Thai fares just about anywhere in Phuket, pork free and halal has never been easier.

If you happen to be in Patong area and would like to try halal Thai food, we have personally visited and enjoyed meals at the places recommended below:





Nuri Food

We absolutely LOVE this place. Every time we visit Phuket, we will make sure we eat here at least once. Nuri Food is a stall located in Malin Plaza, Patong run by a nice Thai Muslim couple. They serve fresh and super delicious Thai Food.As the food is cooked to order, you can pick and choose the ingredients you want in your dish. Prices starts at around 60 Baht for a meal and if you are not a big eater, be mindful when you order, the portions are huge!  This stall draws a large French and Malaysian crowd. This is largely due to the lady’s ability to speak Thai, French and Malay, fluently.  So be prepared to wait between 30 minutes to an hour for your food, which we didn’t mind as we met and spoke to many interesting travellers while waiting in line for our food.

When you arrive at the stall, ask them for your que number and wait for your number to be called, to place an order. Nuri Food stall does not have tables and chairs for a sit-down meal.  Food are packed in takeaway containers.  However, if you purchase beverages from the nearby stalls with tables and chairs, they are usually okay with you eating your packed food on their tables.

Nuri Food | Malin Plaza Patong

San Sabai Thai Seafood & BBQ


This restaurant is another spot we have been to a few times in when in Phuket as we never had a bad meal here. We discovered San Sabai when we first made it to Phuket as it is literally right in front of our hotel at the time . San Sabai tends to cater more for the tourist crowds and the prices are a little on the premium side. However, the place is clean, the service is good and the food is excellent.  You can pick your fresh seafood from the available aquarium and turn it into the Thai dish of your liking. If not, you can always choose something from their extensive menu.

We usually go for the delicious Deep-Fried Grouper in Tamarind Sauce and Prawn Tom Yum with a serve of Jasmine rice for a satisfying dinner. Seafood dinner for two with drinks usually set us back between 200 to 300 Baht.

San Sabai Restaurant | Soi Ratuthitsongroipi Song, Kathu

Stall 786 Banzaan Night Market


The bad news is, no idea what this stall is called. The good news is, it is not hard to find this stall since the Banzaan Night Market is not very big. Stall 786 located next to a beverage stall on the ‘fresh seafood’ row of the night market. This place does get busy; hence you may have to wait a while as they only have one cook.  Once you decided what you were going to have, take a seat at the back of the stall and start ordering. We did not get fresh seafood cooked to order here, instead went for Chicken Pad Thai and Thai Green Curry.

The food was decent however not the best we had. Which does not surprise us considering how busy they were and how long it took to get our order. So it was a good decision not to order expensive seafood. We may give this stall one more try on our next Phuket visit. Perhaps when they are not so busy. The upside on waiting for our food was, we get to people watch at the market.

Banzaan Night Market | Patong

Hawa Kitchen


The Patong Mosque is located sort of at the corner end of Patong. It is probably the best place in Patong to look for Halal food. You will be spoilt of choice as you can find various types of halal eatery here. Ranging from Fried Chicken to Bakery. Hawa Kitchen is located very close to the mosque. We had a late lunch here and was not disappointed. The portions are reasonable in size and prices are moderate. We enjoyed their Thai tea’s (milk and plain) a lot. So much so that Sam ordered the hot milk tea twice. The beef omelette and the tom yum was good however we didn’t think much of the Garlic chicken.

Hawa Kitchen is also open for breakfast should you like to try the Thai Roti’s. The service is good, but don’t expect it to be super friendly as you normally would get from Thai places. Which we sort of expected, as Muslim girls tends to be a little shy and soft spoken.

Hawa Kitchen |  220/3 Phrabarami Rd ,Patong

Islamtai Bangja

Spending the day at the Jungceylon Mall and looking for a place to eat? Head on down to the mall’s basement floor food bazaar for selections of mouth-watering Thai food.  A few reasonably priced halal options are available at the food court . We tried the Islamtai Bangja, which specialised in the Southern Thai food. You can pick the food you wish to eat by pointing at the food samples placed on the front of each stalls.  This way, you get to try the most exotic looking dish (if you are up to it!). Well, we didn’t feel adventurous that day .

We settled for a bowl of Prawn Tom Yum and Chicken Fillet Fried Rice. Generous amount of prawns and two big pieces of deep fried chicken breasts.

Islamtai Bangja | Food Baazar Basement , Jungceylon Mall Patong

Travel Tips

  1. When choosing seafood cooked to order, be cautious. Ask for price per kilo and once you picked the seafood, watch how much it weights. Ask for total price including cooking fees (if any). Make sure you get the prices all sorted before they start cutting and cleaning the seafood.
  2. If you think the seafood prices are a bit high, ask for discount. Sometimes you might get reasonable reductions to the quoted price. But be sensible, it is food, not a handbag.
  3. Once you are happy with the seafood of your choice and have done #1,  watch the progress of your seafood. Make sure the seafood you have picked are the ones being cooked. Sometimes this is not possible, but when you can, do it. Dishonest vendors can sometime swap the seafood with day-old leftover seafood, different type of seafood (usually fish) or seafood of lesser grade than the ones picked. They are not all dishonest, but sometimes all you need is 1 to ruin it for the rest.
  4. Food portions in Patong tends to be much bigger than in other parts of Phuket. So it is probably best to share your meals
  5. If you decided to go food exploring near the Patong Mosque, avoid going on Friday at lunch time. Due to the Friday Afternoon prayer session at the mosque. Parking will difficult and crowded
  6. Most Thai Muslim’s are not Phuket native and can speak Malaysian with Kelantanese accent. So if you are Malaysian and have trouble communicating in Thai or English, look for Thai ladies in hijab or Thai men in Kopiah (Cap commonly worn by muslim men) to assist with translation or to ask questions.

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