Hong Kong (HK) is easily one of the most exciting Asian cities when it comes to shopping. With huge multi-storey malls, stores, markets and factory outlets stocked with thousands of brands and product range. There are just so much things to see, try and buy , to cater for everybody.  There are the main retail hubs with designer brands as well as districts known for selling certain products.

Without further a due, here is a list of things to buy in HK. They are chosen as they are cheap-ish,  have impressive selection of products and are unique to Hong Kong.




Cheap sneakers

We must put Sneakers as the first ‘must buy’ item in this list. Hong Kong is without a doubt, Asia’s sneaker heaven. We have not seen shoes collections in one place of this magnitude anywhere else, and we’ve been around! You can find sneakers sold everywhere in Hong Kong. However there is also a street, dedicated just for Sneakers. Hong Kong Sneakers Street or Fa Yuen Street is every sneaker addict’s wet dream. It is located in Mongkok, within the Yau Tsim Mong District, Kowloon.

There are hundreds of sneaker stores, from all the well-known brands featuring thousands of different styles. Here you will see at least 10 Nike Stores and 10 Adidas stores within meters of each other. Both brands truly have a strong foothold here. As a sneaker collector, Ida spends at least one solid day looking at sneakers every time she goes to Hong Kong. If you are a first time in HK, you will need at least 2 days to see most of it!

The great thing about sneakers in Hong Kong is, they are heavily discounted! You can find sneakers from as low as $A30 and in Fa Yuen Street, they are also genuine. This is a good place to find latest, limited edition and hard to find designs.  Most shops are open from 10.30 am and stays open till 11 pm. The best time to come is as soon as they are open as they become super pack after 3 pm through to closing time.


A decade ago, Hong Kong is known for selling genuine electronics such as cameras and computer equipment at a bargain price. This isn’t so much of the case now. While it is no longer a steal, you can still find huge variety of electronics. Prices are slightly cheaper than in your home country and mainland China (Yep, branded electronics are cheaper in HK than in Mainland).

For lovers of electronics, you can find, every single latest gadgets item imaginable with thousands of shops. Again, the Mong Kok area have the best known electronic stores in Hong Kong such as Broadway and Mong Kok Computer Centre. As they are well known, prices might be slightly higher. However, they are more of a superstore as oppose to small shops, hence are trustworthy.

If you are still unsure about the products and would like to do more research, https://www.price.com.hk/  is useful as a reference.  This website gives you an indication on how much you should be paying.

Tips: Do your due diligence when buying electronics from here, make sure you have the right information regarding Warranty, Languages in software/app, Region locking and so forth.


Korean/Japanese Cosmetics

korean skincare

The reputation and popularity of Korean and Japanese cosmetics are also embraced by Hong Kongers. HK has become the go to destination for Japanese/Korean cosmetics, personal and skincare products. The brands available in Hong Kong is easily the widest and most comprehensive. This doesn’t just limit to Korean and Japanese market. If you are looking for other big international brands, they are widely available too.

But lets focus on Korean/Japanese cosmetics considering you can find international big brands everywhere else.  You can find big brands such as Shu Uemura , Etude, Laneige as well as niche labels such as 3CE and DHC. These brands are available in big beauty stores such as Sasa or Bonjour. However, the real bargain can be found within smaller drugstores around Hong Kong that are located away from all the popular areas.


Luxury Handbags

Hong Kong is a shopping mecca for designer brands. Low taxes on imported brands means you can get great prices for your designer hand bags.  You can find wide variety of designer brands selling their merchandise in Hong Kong such as Burberry, Balenciaga, Hermès and many more.

Some of these brands have a stand-alone store while some are available through major departmental store such as Sogo.

Tips: Everything you see at the markets, yep they are fake.


Local Fashion

Hong Kong local brand

It is not a great shopping trip if you don’t buy local! There is something so wonderful about saying ” I bought this in (insert country), by their local designer (drop brand name here)’.  Brands such as G.O.D (Gods of Desire) which stock award winning home furnishing and fashion, Vivienne Tam for women’s fashion as well as Clot, urban street wear for men.

One of the best places to view and shop for local brand as at the PMQ building, where there are more than a hundred shops, studios and dining options featuring local Hong Kong brands under one roof.


Hong Kong Cookies

Cookies Hong Kong

Hong Kong has its own cookie culture and it is awesome! Serves as a great souvenir  or simply for you to nibble on at home while reminiscing on your time in Hong Kong. The cookie shops range from traditional cookie shops, modern Chinese New Year style cookie, western style cookie shops as well as speciality cookie shops selling egg rolls or wife’s biscuits.

Our preference are the traditional cookies for something different and egg rolls, because they are so goddamn good! The cookies are packed in single serve or smaller sized portions making it easy to travel with. Noteworthy cookie stores in Hong Kong include, Kee Wah Bakery , Jenny Bakery and Sweet Boutique Bakery




Apart from Japan, Hong Kong has good selections of cute and quirky souvenirs. Items like cool chopstiks, USB thumb drives and fridge magnets are among the popular items sold at the night markets all over Hong Kong.

On top of that, there are always Chinese type souvenirs such as trinkets, tea ware, Buddha statues. Our favourite is actually their collection of cute socks! They are cheap and has plenty of design options.


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