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How to Pack for a Vacation, Like a Pro

So, it is that time of the year where you have had enough of the first half and are ready for some well-earned relaxation.  So you have booked that dream holidays and started planning. What about packing? It’s time to get packing with our destination style guide. This how to pack for a vacation guide will get you covered no matter where you are heading to!


Style Guide: The Airport


how to pack for a vacation

Your holiday begins before you even get there. Take the stress out of the airport experience and you’re halfway to vacation mode already. Here’s how:

  • The line for security is bad enough already, without having to hop up and down while you lace and unlace your shoes. Not flip flops or heeled sandals, though: in the unlikely event you’ll be needing to make an emergency escape, you’ll want something that will stay put on the escape slide.
  • It can get pretty cold on the plane, so stash a colourful, lightweight stole in your hand luggage for travelling. You’ll get plenty of wear out of it on vacation too – just the thing for wrapping around your shoulders to watch the sunset at the end of the day.
  • United Airlines hit the headlines last year when they prevented two teenage girls boarding a plane because they were wearing leggings. It turned out that this rule only applies to “pass travellers” – company employees and their families – but you might want to upgrade just in case. Luxe joggers are just as comfy and still on trend.
  • Layering is key. A long line shirt is our top tip for the airport and beyond – more of this later.

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Style Guide: City Break

how to pack for a

Skipping the beach this year? See our top tips for summer in the city.

• Planning on seeing the sights? Make sure you’re aware of any local dress codes or cultural sensitivities. Visiting a religious building, for example, may require you to wear something that covers your shoulders and legs. This season’s midi dresses are a brilliant solution; or try a pair of lightweight culottes with a long line shirt (told you it would come in handy) layered over a camisole or tee.
• This season’s sundress – a strappy, button-through, midi length affair with a flared skirt – is perfect for city breaks. Layer it over a tee to avoid burning your shoulders.
• Seek out linen separates – Uniqlo, Gap and Everlane are all good hunting grounds – and don’t even worry about the creases. You’re on holiday!
• We’re guessing that you’ll be doing a lot of walking – through art galleries, historic buildings, and all those cute cobbled streets. Pack your footwear accordingly: luckily, the ugly walking sandal is still a thing, as is the trusty Birkenstock. And, of course, your sneakers. Stuff them with underwear so they don’t take up too much space.
• Keep your credit card safe with a fanny back. Yes, as seen at Gucci, Marc Jacob and Balenciaga, they’re back in fashion’s good books again.
• A city break invariably involves shopping. Leave some room in your suitcase for any local style finds.


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Style Guide: Beach Holiday


how to pack for a vacation

Beach bound? Here’s how to go from beach to bar in style.

• So you know all those magazine articles about how you can wear your swimsuit as a top in the evening? Don’t believe them. It will still look like a swimsuit.
• You can, however, make your bikini do double duty as underwear before you hit the pool – particularly if you are wearing bra-sized swimwear.
• This summer’s swimwear looks to know? According to fashion data firm Edited, the Baywatch-style red one-piece is still going strong, as is the scoop back – particularly if it comes in bold stripes. Meanwhile, the tie front swimsuit is this year’s big emerging trend.
• You can’t go wrong with a lightweight sarong that packs away to nothing; but if you’re looking for a cover-up, give a jersey maxi dress a try – Sweaty Betty does a great lightweight jersey option, and it looks just as good dressed up for evening too.
• And back to our friend, the long line shirt: it comes into its own here as a lightweight cover-up for the beach, or layer it over a camisole and palazzo pants for evening.


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Style Guide : All-Inclusive

Whether you’re going on a cruise or an all-inclusive like Club Med, here’s what you need to know.

• All-inclusive often have an evening dress code – it might be black and white one night, red the next, and denim the one after. Pack a selection of different coloured scarves, tops and accessories so that you fit in. Trust me, it’s excruciating when you don’t.
• Take all the swimwear you own. From water aerobics to lazing by the adults-only pool, you’re bound to spend most of the fortnight somewhere in the vicinity of a sun lounger. The experts start with the swimwear that offers more coverage; think higher necklines and lower cut legs. Then progress to more skimpy styles as they acclimatise to the sun.
• Dithering about your activewear? Pack it. Even the most reluctant socialisers can find themselves seduced into joining in at an all-inclusive resort. So be prepared for an unexpected tennis/golf/trapeze lesson or two.
• A cruise will often have a more formal evening dress code, so check before you pack.

Tips: if a jacket is required, wear it while travelling so that you don’t have to sacrifice space in your suitcase.

Wherever You’re Headed,  Make Room for These

• A crease-resistant camisole dress. Yep, the 90s staple is still enjoying a revival and there’s nothing better for holiday packing. Roll it up, stuff it in your suitcase and tick off holiday eveningwear.
• Flat metallic sandals. Perfect with a camisole dress for summer evenings (and, no, you can’t just wear your flip-flops).
• A sun hat. Roll-up sun hats are perfect for packing. If not, stuff the crown of your hat with clothing so that it doesn’t lose its shape in transit.
• Sunglasses – this season, fashion dictates that it’s all about the Matrix-style small frame, as seen on Rihanna. The classic oversized sunny still looks glam, though. It is way more practical if you don’t fancy spending an entire two weeks squinting in the sun.


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