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Living Room Ideas , Inspirations and Designs To Transform Your Home

Living Room is the powerhouse of any households and deserves to shine brightly at all times. It is the place where the entire family comes together and shares happy, sad and great moments. With a lot happening and a vast array of available options, the living room is the easiest to dress up. Crisp silhouettes, vibrant textures, vivid upholstery, cleverly chosen ornaments, throws, and cushions are just some of the things that make up a great living space, regardless of the size. Here we cover all styles to inspire your next living room revamp.  Let us just dive straight into our living room ideas to help you create a space so stylishly you that you never want to leave it.



Living Room Ideas : Muted Marvels

A soft color palette option is safe and timeless. It would yield great results without trying very hard and is also easy to keep and maintain through the ages!

 living room inspo

Source @hazelandbrowndesign

The potpourri of wooden elements with ivory hues and just a little pop of color is a simple and subtle statement to make with your interiors.

living room ideas

Source Home-Designing


Wood adds a very warm touch everywhere and this Living Room feels alive with the addition of the wooden accents.

living room ideas

Source sm1ttysm1t


With some Scandinavian hints of decor, the grey and white Living Room is a beauty in itself. We can see how everything has been kept minimal and this space truly spells out the concept of ‘Less is More’ . We totally love the way the brown whispers in the surroundings and adds a sense of fascination to the greys.

Living room Ideas

Source @textposters


Personifying cozy, a rustic Living Room is a great way to define the family space. A touch of minimalism and the smart play of nature  has given this space its true character. An evening in amidst the beige setting would prove to be truly therapeutic, thanks to the wonderful aesthetics!

living room ideas

Source @chloeannhurley



Living Room Ideas : Throw in a Splash Of Color

Chirpy and full of life, colors have the ability to instantly light us up. A colorful Living Room equals a joyous house and we are loving the inspiration around us!

living room inspo

Source @the_stylish_eduka8r


With an old school vibe to it, this colorful living room is an abode of happiness! With just the right set of neutrals and colors, this is one harmonious space that speaks volumes about itself. Adding accents by means of upholstery is a great way of perking things up and we totally dig it.

living room ideas

Source: old and brew

Taking inspiration from Indian textiles and craftsmanship, this Living Room is giving us some major goals! Spoil for choice of colors available at hand, we love the rich aura it creates. Low seating, earthy tones, and pops of color are what makes all of this look so exotic.

living room ideas



Living Room Ideas : The Right Greens

Adding indoor plants in your Living Rooms is such a fresh and thoughtful thing to go ahead with. It makes decorating easier and adds a very natural element to your indoor spaces.

living room inspo

Source @ Ron Goh


Feeling like you’ve brought the outdoors inside, the planters add a whimsical twist to your living space. It’s easy to centre everything in a space around the planters. Also, they add a very homely- urban jungle feel to the room. Very sexy.

living room ideas

Source @veel_woongeluk

While planters are great, sometimes you don’t want to over-do the greens Yes, it’s possible!). Add delicate accents of green on the walls instead. Not only they look marvelous , it also wrap the whole aura of the space up in a warm embrace!



Living Room Ideas : Opulence and Grandeur

Large volumes and rich colors are another way to revamp your living room. A larger space automatically contributes to the bigger picture, making it easy to give that illusion of luxury.

living room ideas

Source @theluxecorner


Dividing the living room seating into sections makes the space look large. Vertical elements add to the space makes these spaces look even more palatial.

living room ideas

Source @studioten_interiordesign


White has the power to make things look magnificent and large while also adding a serene sense of comfort. Double height living room spaces give a sense of freshness and freedom to breathe and just be .

living room ideas

Source sjoystudios


We certainly have filled you up with a lot of inspiration to play with your head and tickle those creative nerves. Are you ready to plan a makeover for your living room now?

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