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Spruce Up Your Home With These Interior Lighting Ideas and Tricks

One of the most essential parts of enhancing your spaces is lighting it up the right way. Lighting plays a very important role in creating an atmosphere and can really drive and govern the look of your spaces. Soft yellow lights have a sleep-inducing and relaxing effect; whereas white lights keep you up and running. Illuminate the way by making use of some easy tips and tricks that we have up our sleeves and really maximize the way you perceive your surroundings and spaces. Cost-effective, easy to maintain and execute and also valuable, these interior lighting ideas and tricks will definitely help you yield the best results!



#Plan It Up

Quite literally, the best way to go about having an optimum lighting layout is by first creating it in plan. Mark out all those areas that you wish to have the light installed in. Start from the very beginning and work your way through. Think about what kind of colour would go where and what purpose the lighting would solve. And this is where more than half your job is done!



#Know Your Arrangements

Once you have a plan in place, you’d want to think about how you would want to layer these lights up and efficiently use them in an enclosed space. Take the uplighting approach to make smaller spaces feel bigger and voluminous. Pendant lights that hang low create an effect of higher ceilings whereas clustered lighting with warm lights make a space feels tight and close, almost cozy.



#Purposeful Lighting

You do not want to, aimlessly, add lights in areas or add the wrong light for the task that its meant to cater to. Knowing how you want your lights to work in an area will help you pick the right kind of fixture. Focus lights should be used in high concentration areas like the study. Diffused lights should be used in softer areas like the bedrooms and living rooms.

Now that you are done and dusted with your homework, here are some inspirations to help you visualize your spaces and the kinds of lighting you want better-

Organic and free-flowing, this is one sculptural downlighting that you could definitely use as a statement piece in your living rooms and more shared spaces. Its monumental quality will make it serve all purposes by acting like a decor piece yet solving your lighting needs.

Interior Design Lighting Inspiration

Source: Contemporist 


Flushing light through the walls is a great way to put the spotlight on external walls. Wall washers work brilliantly for highlighting purposes and are a delight to work with.

Interior Design Lighting Inspiration

Source: Delightful


Bold and dramatic, large pendant lights are a glorious way to enhance the look and feel of a space. Especially in double and triple height spaces, these long hung pendants are a saviour. They bring out the beauty of tall spaces and really inflates the way you experience a space. Undoubtedly, this is one favourite.

Interior Design Lighting Inspiration

Source: Matthew McCormick


Cove lighting is another way to define your spaces well and works best with false ceilings. These lights are extensively used in restrooms and truly bring out the beauty in simplicity.

Interior Design Lighting Inspiration

Source: Idlights


Light clusters are a great way to draw the attention towards something particular. It works well as a downlighting option and can also work as a decorative design element. You may go for a cluster of similar pendant lamps or an array of varied pendant lamps to create that zesty effect.

Interior Design Lighting Inspiration

Source: Desire to Inspire


Industrial style lighting is also a very happening way to light up those nooks and crannies. It has a very rustic and raw feel to it which just adds to it charm and value. For these perky corners, go for soft yellow lights to create a soothing ambiance and maintain the urban picture.

Interior Design Lighting Inspiration

Source: Homedit


Wasn’t this insightful and eye-opening. These easy tricks can totally help you lay out your plans and ideas better and help you achieve a bright and well lit interior space. You can be very adventurous with your lighting endeavours and play around with colour temperatures, lux levels, luminaire types and a lot more. So the next time you want to change the way your interiors feel, just mix it up well with these lighting tricks and give your space a makeover without burning a hole in your pocket.

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