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Tulips Festival in the Netherlands/Holland

When visiting the Netherlands/Holland  in spring time, a visit to the Keukenhof Garden is a must. This is especially during the Tulips & Flower festival. Held annually for 8 weeks between March and May. The festival offers the largest tulips and flower display in the world with millions of tulips, variety of flowers as well as perfectly manicured gardens. Keukenhof Garden is located a short distance from Amsterdam. Making this the perfect day trip destination outside of Amsterdam.


We visited Keukenhof right in the middle of the Tulip festival. It is certainly an experience different to the vibrant and edgy city of Amsterdam. This is where you go to appreciate the beauty and crispiness of spring time in the Dutch countryside.  The landscape is vast, green and the air is clean.


tulip festival holland


The best thing about the Tulip festival is the beautiful display of colors and extensive collection of flowers within the garden. If you are a fan of flowers or tulips or, try not to miss this opportunity. The tulip garden also has a working windmill. The windmill is accessible to the public, so one can enter and explore the windmill. Enjoy a breathtaking view of beautifully curated landscape from the windmill balcony. Our advise is to find the windmill as soon as you arrive as they get crowded by mid-day (when everyone has had enough of tulips).


tulip festival holland

Getting There

We decided to make our own way to the Garden from Amsterdam by purchasing the combi ticket. This was the fastest option for us.  We took the train to Schipol from Centraal Station before changing to bus # 858 . Bus #858 runs every 15 minutes and the ride to Keukenhof takes around 40 minutes and stops right at the Garden’s Gate. The Combi ticket includes the entrance fee into the festival. An adult ticket cost € 17 (AUD 26) and the bus ride is pleasant.

However, if you cannot be bothered with the planning and the bus trip and finding your way around , you could always join a tour. Alternatively, you can always hire a car and drive there. It takes around 1 hour to drive from Amsterdam, 30 minutes from Leiden. Parking is limited.

Additionally, if you are a fan of tulips, it is also worth checking out the Dutch Tulip Cruise which includes Keukenhof Garden in full bloom as part of the itinerary.

tulip festival holland

Keukenhof Tulips Festival Travel Tips

  • It can be a little nippy in the country side, so layer up!
  • It can sometime rain during this season, so its worth carrying an umbrella.
  • The garden is a perfect location to have a romantic picnic. So bring with you some Goudse Kaas, Kroket , saucijzenbroodje and a bag of ‘Drop’ . Have a sit and enjoy the flowers with your loved one.
  • Wear good shoes. You will need a few hours to see everything. Hence, there will be lots of walking.
  • For more information on the Tulips Festival, visit Keukenhof Holland Website


tulip festival holland

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