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What To Wear : Christmas Fashion Essentials for 2018

Aren’t we all super stoked about the ride that this year was and how every year ends with a bang during the Holiday season where festivities are at its peak and the fervour in the air is unmatched. We are back at it yet again and seems like the celebrations are just getting started! Christmas and New Year 2018 are all set to make a boisterous comeback so why should you hold back your horses! It is time to unleash all that you’ve got on the fashion front and watch yourself dazzle amidst all things Christmasy.

Glitter, glimmer, bold colours, prints, you name it and you can flaunt it this Christmas. Accessorise yourself well and we are certain that this year you would end up like a star. So are you ready for some Christmas inspiration that your wardrobe so desperately needs?


Keeping it Classic

christmas fashion

 Source via Alex Perry

Let’s start the list with a little bit of classic. Classics are called classics for a reason and you can rock it effortlessly all year round. You cannot go wrong with a little black dress (LBD).  Every girl has a great LBD hiding somewhere in the closet to serve as your go-to piece for the Christmas Season. A black with velvet finish is ideal for your Christmas Eve dinner. Keep the accessories to a minimal and let this dress be the sole star – you will definitely stand out!


A Lacey Affair

Christmas Fashion

 Source via Crystalline

Lace is an unparalleled example of grace and elegance, it will make you feel like a delicate rose in the season. In a very muted tone, a lacey midi is perfect for Christmas arvo!  You can always dressed up with some blings’ and dressed down with the right footwear in either really bright tones or nudes to really yield the best results for the Season!



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The Unlikely Combos

Christmas Fashion

Source via lookastic

Men might always feel that their options are limited but some combinations are yet to be experimented with! Sports blazers are one such creation and in an offbeat colour this piece can really run the show in style and help you make the right kind of fashion statement. When paired with a good case of derby footwear, this look can really be a great take on the casual chic look and would help you slide into the Christmas Spirit instantaneously! Not to miss a quirky pair of socks is all that you need to add that drama and fun to your outlook!


The Opulent Emerald


Source via i.pinimg

Want to sit at home or take a stroll till the nearest convenience store but still look like a boss lady during Christmas? Well, that should be easy because we have thought of every scenario possible! Emerald is one color that would make you look like a queen and when matched with the glorious fur, it takes your look so many notches higher. Sophisticated and in lieu with the Street Style, an emerald addition will surely add that Christmas vibe to your look. Don’t forget to accessorize it with some ashy jewelry and nail the festivities!



The Pantone Palette

Source via where did you get that

Do not, for once, think that we have forgotten the scintillating effect the Pantone tone of Ultra-Violet had on us because this cosmic hue is a brilliant way to add a pop of colour to your look. Winding up the year with this trend would be a privilege and this Christmas deserves that! Bring in the ultra-violet in installments into your closet. Try different accents and keep the violet as a pop to really make it visceral!


Red Alert

Christmas Fashion Trend

Source via  Fancy

Christmas is certainly incomplete without a hot red number and a silk jumpsuit will surely satisfy that thirst! Red is the color of Christmas and this year a classic need to make a comeback. Wide-legged jumpsuits are all the rage and have a very alluring effect on you. Their charm is certainly contagious and can work well for all those Christmas parties too! Do not forget to put on your dancing shoes with this baby!


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Sizzle in Sequins

christmas fashion trends

Source via  Beach Side Bunny

What even is Christmas if you don’t overdose on the sequins. All the glitter and glamour go hand in hand with the Christmas Cheer and a sexy Sequined number is a must have in every closet for that ideal Christmas Eve Party! Wear your hair up in a bold shining piece in vivid colours and witness yourself running the night. Sequin will never go out of style and will surely come in handy on multiple occasions. Opt for solid accessories and footwear with a glimmering dress or romper and you would have it all figured out!

While the Christmas Checklist is almost making its way to completion, the Christmas Charm is a never-ending phenomenon! Get ready to bring the most amazing Christmas with these gorgeous inspirations and walk the town in style!



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