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How to make the most out of World Travel Expo… 11 Tips & Hacks

Attending the World Travel Expo is fun and also informative. If done right, there are plenty of good deals and expert advice available for keen travellers. However, finding the best deals can be a bit of a challenge. Often people, which include us, have walked out of the expo in disappointment.  We simply weren’t getting the kind of discounts we were hoping to get.  Having attended the Travel Expo the past 7 years and had purchased great travel deals via the expo, we therefore can confirm that they do exist. However, it is best to come prepared, and get the most out of travel expo.  Here are some of the things we did to get the most out of World Travel Expo.


#1 Gather Information and have an ‘Idea’ Before Attending

First of all, spending some time before attending to find out what you want out of a holiday would be beneficial in helping you make informed decision.  Information such as location and budgets would be a great start.


#2 Register for Free Tickets

Beat the ques and preregister for your tickets on the Travel Expo Website. Entry is free and this way you don’t have to register at the entrance. While they have a few registration kiosks, it can be time consuming.

#3 Be Flexible with Travel Dates

Be flexible with your travel dates and time of flying. In addition,get the agents to compare the prices between your preferred dates and the cheapest date they could find . Once in a lifetime deal rarely happens during peak seasons . Also, flying during weekdays can be cheaper than the weekends. Most of all, check your destination’s weather, seasonality and public holidays. We once bought ‘to good to be true’ trip on a whim to Beijing, China for Christmas. Consequently, without doing any research prior to purchase ,we left the beautiful Australian summer to be right in the smack of Beijing Winter. Average temperature during the 10 days trip was -10 ˚ c. Spewing!

#4 Asks Questions

Engage with the agents and ask questions about the destination, the service provider and costs. Travel agents are travel buffs like you too!  Since some may have been to your target destination , they will be happy to provide you with travel tips and recommendation. We found this especially useful for destinations we are unsure of. As a result, you will be surprised how much you learn about the destination and the participating company itself.

#5 Compare Prices & Negotiate for Better Deal

Travel companies, major airlines and cruise companies are among the participants. It is worthy to obtain quotes from at least 2 participants and make comparison based on your requirements. Always ask  ‘is this the best you can do’ ?. While you may not get a discount , but you may get certain fees waived, price match or maybe advice on travel deals. Which is almost as good as a discount, really when you think of it.

#6 Attend the Free Presentations

Been to some interesting and informative travel presentations through our visits to the expo. Once, one of the presentation we attended inspired us to give cruising a shot.

#7 Do your Price Research

Are the Travel Expo prices the cheapest ever?  It depends. We once bought a ticket to Japan for an absolute steal with Cathay Pacific we couldn’t find anywhere. Had looked for months before and after the expo to track if the prices ever went as low again. That was a win for us. But we also enquired about a trip to Vietnam previously. While the flight prices were less than normal, prices for the Junkboat tour quoted was 3 times more than through booking online. Hence, it was cheaper for us to book the Vietnam our self.

#8 What to Lookout For

Some amazing offers on Cruises. Also, seems like very competitive pricing for flights to multiple destinations. For instance, ticket prices to Perth – Bangkok – Ko Samui – Perth were cheaper through the expo than trying to book it yourself. Furthermore, there are also a few good deals on holiday packages, though we have yet personally purchased any.

#9 Be Prepared to Pay on the day (Or soon)

Found the deal you are looking for ? So be prepared to fork out some deposit to hold the price. Full payment is required a few days after

#10 Bring in your Information

Especially relevant when purchasing flights. Passport and frequent flyer number if you have them.

#11 Enter the Competitions

You’ll never know, you might win free holidays!!

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