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Eat Like a Local Food

You Cannot Leave Bali Without Trying These 10 Exquisite Authentic Balinese Food

Bali Indonesia is one of those beautiful Islands attracting tourists from all over the world. As a popular destination, you can just about find all types of food from all over the world and thousands of eateries here. But that doesn’t mean that this tropical paradise famous for its volcanoes , beautiful temples and seaside massages is without its own food culture. In fact, there are plenty of local fare you can only find in Bali. So, to fully immerse yourself into this magnificent place, one must not leave Bali without trying these 10 authentic and super delicious Balinese food. The best part is, we even throw in a few recommendations on where to find these amazing delicacies – according to the locals!

Sate Lilit


Source Resep Koki

Sate Lilit is a style of satay from Bali. Mainly made from mince meat consisting of pork, chicken and fish. Sate lilit is served with sambal (chilli paste)


Get Sate Lilit Here : Sate Babi Bawah Pohon , Sate Plecing Arjuna



Nasi Campur Bali

balinese food

Source Kura Kura Guide

Granted, almost every where in Asia has its own Nasi Campur (mixed rice). However, the influence of food from all over Indonesia being brought to Bali has made Nasi Campur Bali a special one.

Get Nasi Campur Here : Made’s Warung , Bumbu Bali , Warung YESS 



Ayam Betutu

balinese food

Source Resepmami

Authentic Balinese dish of chicken (or duck), grilled or roasted with the rich Betutu spices. It is a beautiful , aromatic and super delicious dish, best served with rice and other side condiments such as chilli paste, peanuts and vegetables.


Get Ayam Betutu Here : Warung Liku , Bebek Tepi Sawah , Ayam Betutu Pak Man



Babi Guling


balinese food

Source Budaya Bali

Babi guling is essentially roast suckling pig. As Bali is predominantly  a pork eating – non Islamic region, no one does it better than the Balinese when it comes to babi guling. Pig is roasted in special Balinese spices. Succulent meat and its crispy crackling is served with rice , special chilli condiments and vegetables.


Get Babi Guling Here : Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen , Babi Guling  Chandra , Warung Babi Guling Made Sekar



Serombotan Klungkung

balinese food

Source Kintamani

Similar to Gado Gado, Serombotan is a great healthy, plant-based authentic Balinese dish. Local vegetables such as morning glory, long beans , spinach and aubergine are blanched and served with delicious peanut sauce and topped with roasted shredded coconut. You can have this dish on its own or with rice – either way, it’s fantastic!


Get Serombotan Here : Gula Bali the Joglo , Warung Nyoman



Nasi Tepeng

balinese food

Source Jatim

A similar concept to Nasi Jinggo, Nasi Tepeng is one of Balinese quintessential breakfast food originated from Gianyar. This is a common dish served during the Nyepi festival (day of silence).  The difference between Nasi Tepeng and Nasi Jinggo is, the rice in Nasi Tepeng is soft almost porridge like and it is served with lots of vegetables.

Get Nasi Tepeng Here : Pasar Senggol Gianyar




Tipat Blayag

balinese food

The Tipat Blayag is a special dish. This dish combines several awesome dishes and condiments and topped with a rich creamy gravy. The Tipat Blayag consist of cubed rice, topped with blanced local vegetables, shredded spiced chicken, roasted coconuts , Balinese style crackers, boiled eggs, chilli paste and rich, creamy, tasty yellow broth. This meal has it all and a bowl of this goodies will sustain you throughout the day.


Get Tipat Blayag Here : Tipat Blayag Bu Agus , Warung Tipat Blayang Khas Tejakula



Nasi Jinggo

balinese food

Source iBalitour

One of Bali most famous signature dish, Nasi Jinggo is Balinese version of fast food. So , it is basically small portion of rice accompanied with fried noodles, tempeh , vegetables and meat wrapped in the aromatic banana leaves. The thing that makes Nasi Jinggo so popular is , its super cheap and you can get them just about anywhere.


Get Nasi Jinggo Here : Nasi Jinggo Simpangan , Nasi Jinggo Sambel Ijo , Nasi Jinggo Thamrin


Rujak Bulung

balinese food

Source Jerat

Rujak Bulung is another popular Balinese food. It is a vegetable salad consisting of seaweed, herbs and spices. The Rujak is served with Kuah Pindang, a sour fish broth.This dish has balanced combination of  sweet, salty and sour flavour which makes it a favourite snack among Balinese


Get Rujak Bulung Here : Warung Bu Adi , Warung Rujak Bu Putu




balinese food

Source Primarasa

Last but not least. The Lawar is a unique Balinese dish consisting of fresh vegetables, herb and meat/offal. Lawar is often paired with rice


Get Lawar HereLawar Bali Kartika , Warung Men Koko



So, do you have a Balinese favourite ?


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